So I was on CNN today just browsing through the current topics and came across the TSA pat down/body scanner issue….which is a rather hot topic right now…I’m reading this article and it amazes me how much everyone is enraged over it…U know the usual…invasion of privacy, hazardous concerns, etc….So I’m like okay so they have taken one step further to secure our protection and people take it personal…Filing lawsuits and the lot…I mean with all that has been taking place and that once took place, you’d think people would be somewhat grateful…but of course not! In all honesty, I have nothing against the body scanners. Now patting me down…maybe…I can’t say I’m totally against it. One thing is for sure, if my safety is the main reason they are implementing this then I’m all for it. For those who don’t like it, then just stop FLYING! Nobody is making you do anything…You have the right to take another means of transportation. Now I don’t know if that other means of transportation will get you there faster but by all means do what makes you more comfortable. Not being insensitive to anyone just voicing my opinion on the matter at hand. That is all. Have a good night and a Happy Thanksgiving.


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