More Than Just Friends (Part 6)

Derrick intertwined their fingers as they lay together on his bed. He kissed the back of her hand and then looked into her eyes. He smiled when he saw how low her eyes were. She was tired and she looked so cute.

“Rae, go to bed.” He said softly

“Never.” She mumbled. She was quite exhausted but she wanted to talk to him.

He chuckled softly. “You have to go to sleep at some point, baby.”

She groaned. “I know but I wanted to talk. Didn’t you say that we needed to talk?”

“I did. However, it can wait.”

“No. Come on. Pleeeease.” She begged

He smiled. “You know if we stay up and talk, at some point we are going to be at it again?”

She smiled mischievously. “I sure hope so.”

He laughed. “Man, you are such a freak.”

“And you aren’t?”

He held up his hands in mock surrender. “I’m not denying it. You bring it out of me.”

She twitched her lips. “So I’m the only one that brings it out of you?”

He shook his head. “I’m not gonna touch that one and have you mad at me.”

“Just tell the truth.”

“Look, I’ll say this and after I say it, I don’t want to hear anything else about you comparing yourself to another woman. Because as far as I’m concerned, they don’t matter. Understood?”

She loved when he was assertive. He was a take charge kind of man and it was such a turn on. She wanted to reach over and press her body to his but she wanted to hear his answer first. “Okay. After this, I won’t bring it up again.”

He studied her for a moment, wondering the reason why she was being so agreeable. He shook it off and finally answered her. “I’ve never come close to loving anyone the way that I love you. Not even once. I never put myself one hundred percent in any relationship. I always held back until now. No one has ever touched me like you have. And I don’t just mean physically. Whether it’s a shy smile or a caress on the cheek, those simple gestures touch me deeply and make my heart expand with more love for you.” He placed her hand over his heart. “You belong here.” He reached his hand out and gently wiped her tears.

Rae didn’t even realize that she’d started crying. She hung on his every word as if they were life preservers. The man’s mouth was flawless. “I love you so much, Derrick. So much.” She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply, her tongue stroked every inch of his mouth. And he kissed her back with the same intensity.

He broke the kiss momentarily. “So I take it that you approve of my answer?”

“Oh yeah. Now can we go at it again?”

“You don’t even have to ask.” He said as he rolled her over onto her back.

The following morning, Rae woke up to the smell of breakfast. It smelled like bacon and pancakes. Hmm, and it smelled divine. She laid back down for a moment…Still drained from last night’s activities. Before she knew it, she dozed off and was awakened when Derrick knocked on the bedroom door.

“Rae, are you awake?”

“Yeah.” She replied, her voice groggy from sleep. She watched as he came in with a breakfast tray. Her eyes widened.

He smiled knowingly. “For you.”

She sat up on the bed. “Derrick, you didn’t-

He cut her off. “I know but I wanted to. Besides you need to eat. I fixed strawberry pancakes, bacon, and two scrambled eggs. You have orange juice and a fruit salad to go with it. Enjoy.” He placed the tray in front of her.

“Thank you.” She said softly, still surprised that he would do something so thoughtful for her.

“You’re welcome. I have to go work downstairs for a while but you eat and then go back to bed. Teri called and said she would be over later. About two or three. So you have time to rest.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips and left the bedroom.

Some time later, after she’d laid back down, she heard another knock on the door. She groaned. Whoever it was needed to go away, she grumbled. The person continued to knock and wasn’t going away. Ugh! “Come in.” She grumbled

The door opened and Teri stuck her head in. “Are you decent?” She teased.

She laughed softly. “Yes. I thought you weren’t coming until two or three?”

“Uh, Rae it is three.”

She jumped up. “What?! How could he let me sleep so long?”

Teri stuck her hands out. “Whoa, Derrick had to step out for a minute so he couldn’t have awakened you. You must have needed the rest though. How are you?”

She smiled. “I’m doing better. I don’t think I mentioned it but thanks for finding me.”

Teri chewed on her lip. “You’re welcome but Rae, I don’t want to see you like that again. It seriously shook me. You’re my best girlfriend. On second thought, you are my only girlfriend and I don’t want to lose you. I feel horrible about how busy you have been with the wedding and-

Rae held up her hand. “Just stop right there. It’s not your fault. Yes I have been busy but that isn’t what made me faint yesterday.”

“Okay, then what did?”

Rae smiled. “Teri, I’m pregnant.” She watched as Teri was stunned into silence but then she squealed which startled her.

“Oh my God. You’re having a baby! My cousin is going to be a daddy. I can’t believe it!” She gushed

“I couldn’t either at first. You should have heard me telling the doctor to repeat himself.”

Teri laughed. “I can just imagine. Are you excited? Do you want the baby?”

Rae frowned. “Of course I do. What kind of question is that?”

“A girl can’t check? Geez! Rein in those hormones.”

Rae made a face. “Shut up.”

Teri ignored her. “So, have you told Derrick about Caleb?”

“I’m confused. Why would I need to do that?”

“Well, I ran into him yesterday and he was asking about you. I thought you said he’d moved to New York?”

“He did. I wonder what the hell he is doing back here in Georgia?”

Teri wondered the same thing. “Well, I just thought you should know in case he contacts you. You know the brother does have a few loose screws up there so be careful.”

Rae groaned. “Don’t remind me. The last thing I want to contemplate on is how he stalked me for damn near two months after I ended things with him.”

“Right. Just be careful okay?”

“I will. How are we doing on the wedding invites?”

“About that…I’m going to be taking over all the arrangements for the wedding. The less stressed you are the better.”

She couldn’t argue with that. “You’re sure about this?”

Teri smiled. “Of course. The final decisions will be up to you though.”

Rae nodded. “Sounds like a deal. So, have you heard from Trevor today?”

Teri rolled her eyes dramatically. “Puhleease don’t bring him up. I know he’s your brother and all but leave it alone. I despise him.”

Rae smiled. She knew Teri was infatuated with her only brother but refused to admit it. “Yet you keep taking his calls?” She teased.

Teri sighed. “Rae, leave it alone.” She warned

Rae chuckled. “Fine.”

Teri stood. “I gotta run but I will call you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will talk with you soon. Bye.”

“Bye girl.” Teri said and walked out of the bedroom.

Rae fluffed the pillows behind her head and laid her head down so she could go back to sleep. It didn’t take her long to drift back into dreamland.

Rae felt something on her nose. She scrunched it. What the hell? She slowly opened her eyes and there Derrick stood messing with her.

“Wakey Wakey, sleepyhead.”

She smiled warmly. “Hey there. Where have you been?”

“Why? You missed me?”

She rose up to wrap her arms around his neck. “You know I did.” He leaned down to kiss her but she backed away.

“Is there a problem?”

“Um, I just woke up so my breath might not be fresh.”

He chuckled. She was embarrassed. “Rae, I could care less. I haven’t been with you all day, baby.”

“Well when you put it that way…come here.”

He kissed her gently at first then he deepened the kiss and she felt like she was drowning…not in a bad way…she didn’t mind being sucked under. She moaned when he lifted her onto his lap. She pulled him closer until there was no breathing room left. She began to rotate her hips against his erection.

He groaned and pulled away. “Raquel!”
He cried out. He was about to start grinding against her but her Blackberry rang and startled them.

She looked towards his night stand. “Just one second.” She scooted off his lap to retrieve her phone. It was a text message from a number she didn’t recognize. She opened the message and her jaw nearly dropped. “Hey Raquel, it read. It’s Caleb. I’m back in town. Call me so we can meet up. Love you.”

“Who is Caleb?” Derrick asked

She jumped. She wasn’t aware that he was watching behind her. “No one important.”

He smirked. “Really? He is saying he loves you and he’s not important?”

Oh God. Not now. She didn’t want them to have another fight. “Look, I’m not seeing him if that is what you are thinking. I dated him a couple of years ago and now he is trying to come back on the scene.” She turned to face him and nearly cringed at the look on his face.

Get a grip, he told himself but the idea of Rae with someone else just infuriated him. Now that they were together, he couldn’t see himself with anyone else. And now this Caleb character was screwing things up. Only if you allow him to, his inner voice taunted. He ignored it. “Rae, did you love him back then?”

She closed her eyes tightly. “Why the hell does that matter? It was before we got together. You knew that I had been involved with other guys before you so why are you acting strange about it now?”

“Because we are more than just friends now. You are marrying me and having my child or so you say.” He heard her gasp and knew he said the wrong thing. He knew it before he said it.

Anger flashed into her green eyes. “Screw you, Derrick. I’m out of here.” She pulled out her bag and went into the bathroom to get her toiletries. She couldn’t believe he would think so little of her. It hurt like hell. This had been a mistake. They should have stayed friends. She walked out of the bedroom and put her toiletries in her bag. She was aware he was watching her but she ignored him…which wasn’t easy to do. Lifting her bag on her shoulder, she proceeded to walk out of the door. At the last minute, she pulled off the engagement ring and sat it on the night stand. Tears fell down her face as she thought about no longer being with Derrick but she couldn’t be in a relationship or marry him if he didn’t trust her. “See ya Derrick.” She whispered and walked out of his bedroom.

“Rae” She hear him say but she kept going.

“Rae!” He bellowed. She heard him following her down the stairs and proceeded to run instead of walking. Before he could get to her, she was already in her car backing out of her driveway. She couldn’t face him right now and wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to again.

Rae had gone to Teri’s house. She’d told her the whole story, hiccuping the whole way through the story. Now her eyes were bloodshot red and she couldn’t stop thinking of Derrick. That made her cry harder.

“Rae, he was just angry. He didn’t mean it, sweetie.” Teri said as she rubbed her back.

“He meant the words Teri. At least I think he did.” She said, now second guessing herself.

“Come on Rae, he was just scared that he had competition and said something he didn’t mean. Give him a chance.”

Rae frowned. “Has he called already? Teri, tell me.”

Teri sighed. “Yeah, he called me before you got here.”

Rae abruptly stood. “I gotta go. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

Teri stood as well. “Rae, you aren’t leaving. Stop running. You know he loves you more than anything.”

She opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed it. She knew he loved her desperately and she did also. How could she have left him? Then again how could he make it seem as if she didn’t want to marry him and that this wasn’t his child? What was she suppose to think about that? She wondered. She stopped daydreaming and realized that Teri had opened her front door and Derrick entered the house. He seemed to take out all of the oxygen out of the room with his tall frame and intense eyes.

Teri cleared her throat. “Um, I’m going to disappear for a hour or so. Then again, I will come back tomorrow.” Teri said, although she was sure they hadn’t heard her. She left out of the house quietly.

Rae took even measured breaths. Her heart beat rapidly beneath her chest. She wished he would say something instead of just staring at her. “W-What are you doing here?” She stammered.

“You forgot something.” He held up the engagement ring.

She turned from his intense stare. “I left it for a reason. You don’t trust me and on top of that you question whether or not I want to get married to you and if this is your child? You expected me to stick around after that?”

He took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m deeply sorry for that, Rae. Really I am. I was a jerk, baby. I was scared of losing you and I reacted instead of calmly discussing the situation.I love you, Raquel. To the point that it consumes every part of me. I won’t apologize for loving you hard but I will apologize for my behavior. It wasn’t fair to you.” He stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Look at me.”

She turned to face him. Tears streaked her face. She watched as he lifted her left hand and placed the ring back on her finger. “Forgive me please?” He whispered to her.

“On one condition.” She managed to say


“Don’t ever question my devotion to you or whether or not the child I’m carrying is yours. That hurt me. I don’t lie. Never have. You should know this. If this happens again, I won’t come back, even if it will tear me up inside.”

“It won’t happen again. You have my word. So do you forgive me now? He asked

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Good.” He tugged her to him and wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t ever think you can leave me and I won’t come after you.”

She tilted her face to meet his eyes. “Is that your way of telling me to never leave?”

He smiled. “No. It’s my way of saying that I won’t give up on you or us. You’re too precious for me not too.” He whispered before he captured her lips with his own and she was lost. Registered & Protected


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