Risking Her Heart Pt 3.

Sienna examined herself in the mirror in her bedroom. She looked so different. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gone all out for herself. Sure, she was accustomed to going to a few social get togethers but this was different. Slowly sliding her hands down her black cocktail dress, she admired the roundness of her hips and her tiny waist. Turning to the side, she admired her derrière. It wasn’t huge but it was big enough to make Antonio do a double take. Especially in this form-fitting dress. The bodice of her dress made her breasts look much bigger. Not what she’d been looking to do but she had really wanted the dress. She’d gotten it from Macy’s this morning and had paid quite a bit for it and the shoes. The strappy Jimmy Choos sandals that adorned her feet were worth every penny. Her pedicure looked great against the royal blue color of her shoes. She had always liked to spice up a black outfit with color. It just didn’t seem right not to. She’d straightened her hair earlier that day and loved the volume and bounce that she’d added. Glancing at her clock by the bed, her eyes rounded as she realized she only had ten minutes left to calm the butterflies in her stomach, before Antonio arrived. Just calm down, Sienna. Breathe. She went over to the mirror and applied her lip gloss. Her phone rang just as she’d finished and her heart rate went into a gallop.


“Hey sis. Are you ready for your date?”

Sienna’s jaw dropped. “How did you know about that?”

“A little birdie told me.” Samantha teased.

Antonio had spilled the beans. Was he telling everyone? She wondered “Sam, please don’t tell anyone yet.”

“Why not? Aren’t you happy?”

She smiled. “Yes, of course. I just don’t want everyone in our business…yet. Especially not mom or Mrs. Caldarone. You know how they are.” Her mom and Mrs. Caldarone were thick as thieves. Had been for a long time. She just didn’t want them asking her a thousand questions.

Samantha chuckled. “Yes, I know. Okay, it’s your secret for now, Sienna. I’m happy you’re happy.”

Just then the doorbell to her condo rang. “Shit, Sam, he’s here.”

“Calm down and breathe. Have a good time. Tell me about it later. Bye.”

Sienna barely heard her sister hang up. Putting the phone down, she went to answer the door. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the door opened and time felt like it stood still for just a moment. Oh my. Antonio was wearing a very nice blue Armani suit. What drew her attention was the way his shirt molded to his torso. The man was sex on a stick. She nearly groaned out loud. She noticed he was saying something and tried to listen.

“You look good enough to eat, baby. And that dress…” He let out a low whistle of appreciation.

She blushed and walked into his arms. “Thank you. You look so sexy. I don’t know if I can keep my hands to myself tonight.”

He chuckled softly. Sliding his hands down to her derrière, he squeezed softly. He’d always loved this. “Me either, darling. In fact, I prefer to take you back inside and make love to you, but you wanted to go out on a date so I shall oblige your request.”

She kissed his ear and felt him stiffen in surprise. “Thank you. You won’t be disappointed.” She drew back from the embrace but before she could move out of his arms completely, he lowered his head to kiss her. She sighed when his lips touched hers gently. As always, she wanted more. As he backed away, she pulled him back to her, wrapped her arms around his neck, tunneled her fingers through his hair, and deepened the kiss. Okay, they weren’t going to make it to dinner. Not at the rate they were going. She suckled on his bottom lip and nipped it with her teeth. Next thing she knew, Antonio was slowly backing her into her house. He closed the door with his foot and swept her into his arms. She held on as if her life depended on it.

“I take it that you’re aware that we aren’t going on the date.” He said as he walked to her bedroom.

She laid her head on his shoulder and inhaled his scent. “I know we aren’t. Maybe next time?”

Yeah, if we meet each other there. Coming to each other’s house, is not a good idea. Today is a good a example.”

She nuzzled his neck. God, he smelled good. “Are you telling me you hadn’t already thought about ravishing me?”

He moaned. “Sienna, stop that. I can’t think straight as it is.” He placed her on her bed and started taking off her heels. “I love these. Remind me to have you model them for me later.” He kissed her ankle then up her leg. Pushing her dress up further, he placed a wet kiss on the inside of her thigh. He heard her breath hitch in her throat. He pushed her dress up some more and revealed royal blue lace underwear and inhaled her scent. It was then he realized she was already wet for him. Sliding his finger over her hot center, he heard her whimper. Feeling a little bolder, he inched a finger around the seam of her underwear, slid it inside and slid his finger up her slit.

Tony…” She let her head fall back and writhed beneath his touch. She felt him move her panties to the side, and he pressed a kiss to her now aching hot center. “Oh!” She yelped. His tongue had replaced his mouth and she wiggled closer to his mouth. She watched through hooded eyes as he put a leg on each of his shoulders and slid his hands under her bottom, bringing her directly against his mouth. There was no room left to move. Oh God, the sensations running through her body were just too much. The pressure of his tongue nearly drove her insane with need. He swirled it over and over again. Feeling herself tense up, she pulled him closer. She was so close. When she felt his mouth suck on her sensitive nub, she screamed his name and let her orgasm ripple through her. He didn’t stop though. He kept sucking until he she went limp.

She fell back on the bed, trying to catch her breath. She felt him attempting to take off her underwear and she lifted her hips so he could take them off. She slowly lifted her head to see him taking off his jacket and shirt. She groaned when he fully removed his shirt. She’d always loved his build. When she had first seen it in college, she all but drooled over that lean, taut body of his. When he walked back over, she felt herself trembling and they hadn’t even made love yet! She gazed into his eyes as he towered over her. A flicker of emotion flashed in the depths that she couldn’t explain but then it quickly disappeared. He helped her out of her dress then quickly stripped her of her bra. Then he removed the remainder of his clothing.

Laying down on top of her, he whispered in her ear, “You’re mine, Sienna. For so long, I’ve waited to tell you that. You’re mine and I love you. I love your smile, your heart, your laugh, everything.” When she turned her head to look at him, he kissed her soft lips and slowly inched his penis inside of her hot channel. It had been a long time since he’d been with any woman because his thoughts had only been centered on the woman beneath him. No woman had ever measured up to her and he doubted any woman would.

Sienna felt like she was drowning in lust and love. She could not get enough of Antonio’s kisses and touches. And now he was inside her, filling her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed down on the length of him.

He tore his mouth from hers. “Sienna, wait. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone. I want this to last.”

She shook her head. She needed him now. “I don’t care, right now. We can go slow later. Please, Tony.” She whimpered and undulated her hips.

“Shit, Sienna.” He moaned. He slid his hands underneath her bottom and lifted her slightly to get a better angle. Now he was buried deep inside her. He moved slowly, measuring each thrust. Taking as much time as he possibly could. Then he swiveled his hips and she tightened the muscles inside her wet channel. Oh God. If she kept that up, he was going to bust at any moment. Unable to control himself now, he thrust harder and harder until he felt her tense. He knew she was close and so was he. It wouldn’t take much for him to come now. He reached in between their bodies and pressed a thumb to the sensitive nub between her legs as he slammed into her wet channel over and over again until she was spasming beneath him and screaming his name. After two more thrusts, he stiffened and moaned her name as he spilled his seed into her. Afterwhile, he pulled the covers back and helped her get under them. Then he spooned behind her and they fell asleep together.

Family Dinner

A couple of days later, Sienna was on her way to her mom’s house for her family’s weekly dinner with both the Joneses and Caldarones. The Joneses, her family, and the Caldarones, Antonio’s family, had been getting together for dinners for over a decade and they never got tired it. Thanks to her mom and Mrs. Caldarone for forming a tight bond when they were teenagers. She was looking forward to seeing everyone again including Antonio. She hadn’t seen him since Sunday morning. She’d talk to him on the phone a few times but that was it. She hadn’t dwelled on it then, but now she wondered what the hell was going on. Was there something going on? She inhaled and exhaled. She was just overreacting, that’s all.

She pulled up to her parent’s home in Daytona Beach. Before she even got to the door, she could hear the music and rambunctious laughter from inside. She chuckled and made her way to the door. She opened the door and walked inside. Immediately, she saw Antonio sitting on one of the bar stools near the kitchen..And he wasn’t alone. Her smile faded and her stomach clenched. Some redhead she’d never seen here before was standing next to him with her arm draped over his shoulder as if she had the right. Tony had said she was his, didn’t he? Damn, she hated second guessing herself.

She watched as the redhead said something to him and Antonio bellowed with laughter. At that moment, she saw red and had half a mind to charge over there and demand an explanation, but she caught herself. Her mom would not like her causing a scene. Besides, they didn’t know about her newfound relationship with Tony. Hell, was it a relationship? She didn’t know. They hadn’t talked about it yet. That was the problem. Or part of it.

Instead of walking further into the living room where everyone would see her, she went back out the door and straight to the beach behind the house to clear her head.

Tony looked at his watch for the umpteenth time. It was five minutes after eight o’clock. Where was Sienna? He wondered. She was supposed to have been there fifteen minutes ago. Maybe he should call her. What he really wanted was to see her. Two days was a long time to be away from her but he had his reasons. He had business to take care of with his finances and he needed to clear his head. Making love to Sienna had him thinking about marriage and a family. Not that he hadn’t thought about it before but now it was deeply embedded into his brain. He wanted everything from her and he hoped she wanted the same. First, he had to find her. He rose from his seat and walked over to where Samantha sat.

“Sam, have you seen Sienna?”

A frown creased her forehead. “No. She called me to let me know she was on her way but after that, no.” She made a move to get up.

He patted her hand gently. “No. I will find her. Just relax and don’t stress. Marc would kill me if anything happened to you.”

Sam smiled. “Thanks. I’m sure she’s fine.”

He hoped so. This just wasn’t like her. “I’ll be back.” He made his way out the front door and stopped short. Her car is here? But she wasn’t inside. Maybe she’s at the beach. He walked around to the back and there she was standing near the ocean. He breathed a sigh of relief. He watched her hair and summer dress billow around from the wind. She was such a beautiful sight. He walked over to where she stood.

“Hey, you.”

She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes before he could see them. “How’d you know I was out here?”

He frowned. Why wasn’t she launching herself into his arms? Saying that she missed him? He reached out and touched her arm but she jerked away from his touch. “Baby, did something happen? What’s wrong?”

“You mean other than the fact that I haven’t seen you in the last two days, that you couldn’t wait to leave my bed, and then I come over here and see some redhead all over you?”

“Sienna, come on. You know me. Don’t you?” He pulled her to him. This time he didn’t care if she fought him. He was not losing her over something as small as this. Tangling his fingers in her curls, he lowered his head to kiss her slowly and thoroughly. Letting her know just how much he’d missed her.

She whimpered as his tongue slid over hers in such a mind tingling erotic way that had her straining to get closer to him. She never wanted to let him go and for him to never let her go.

He was grateful that she didn’t fight him and clung to him instead. Tasting her for the first time after two days, was his undoing. He had the urge to make love to her right here. He hurriedly broke the kiss before he actually did do just that and entwined their fingers together. Their harsh breathing filled the space between them. “I would never hurt you like that. I’m not crazy about some redhead. I’m crazy about you.”

For a moment, she couldn’t speak. He was crazy about her? She couldn’t believe it. “You are? Then why did you leave? I don’t understand.”

He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it briefly.”Sienna, I left because I had to take care of some business. I also needed to think about us.”

“What is there to think about, Antonio?”

He took a deep breath. “I don’t just want to sleep with you, Sienna. I want forever for us. The whole package, darling. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the same thing.”

Tears pooled in her eyes and her pulse leaped. “Tony, really? Of course, I want the same thing. I love you and don’t like the idea of not having you.”

His heart swelled with love for her. He was so happy she wanted the same thing. He softly touched his lips to hers then whispered, “Marry me, Sienna Jones. Take my name. Have my children. Make me the luckiest man in the world.”

Tears slid down her cheeks now. “Yes, Tony, I will marry you.” She threw her arms around his neck and he swung her around. She laughed. He gently sat her on her feet.

It was then that she heard voices and looked over his shoulder. She smiled as both families watched them from the patio. “I think we are busted.” She teased.

He looked back and smiled also. “Indeed we are. Well, if they must watch then they can watch me slide this onto your finger.” He pulled out the box from his pocket. He opened the box and revealed the sparkling diamond ring he’d purchased.

She gasped. Oh my God. “Tony, it’s..it’s beautiful. You bought this while you were away from me, didn’t you?”

He grinned. “Yes, I did. Any objections?”

She shook her head. “No.” She held out her left hand and watched in awe as he slipped it on her ring finger. A perfect fit. She heard the families whistling and yelling.

He held out his hand. “You ready?”

She placed her hand in his. “Definitely.” Together they walked back to the house to celebrate this occasion with their family.

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