New Beginnings Pt. 2

As Zane pulled out of Stanford’s parking lot, it occurred to him that taking Alexis back to his house was not the best idea. All he could think about was making love to her. It had been a while since he’d made love to a woman that he cared about. He’d always cared for the woman sitting beside him and he didn’t want to mess that up. Surprisingly, he wanted more than a casual fling with her. She deserved more and then some. Deciding not to go back to his house in Palo Alto, he entered the ramp to the highway and headed for Rick’s Ice Cream parlor. It was neutral territory and at least he could focus there. Besides, Lexi would love their homemade ice cream. He felt her hand on his and jerked his attention back to her.

“Change in plans?”

“Yeah. Disappointed?”

Her lips quirked at the ends. “Maybe. I get it though. You’re being a gentleman.”

He took her hand in his and laced their fingers. “Do you like gentlemen, sweetheart?” He asked as he pulled in front of the ice cream parlor.

She looked at their joined hands and did her best to calm down the butterflies in her stomach. She removed her seatbelt and leaned over to him. Feeling more boldly then she ever had, she inched towards his lips. She stopped mere inches from his lips, recognition dawning in his eyes. She wasn’t sure if he pulled her the rest of the way or if she moved on her own. Her breath fluttered over his lips for a second and then she placed a soft open mouthed kiss onto his mouth. She slowly pulled back and flicked her tongue against her top lip. Delicious. “I love gentleman. There is something sexy about them.” She smiled inwardly as she watched him try to absorb it all. “Ready to go inside?” She reached for the door handle.

“Hold it.” His voice sounded alot more gruff than he’d intended. But hell, Lexi had just surprised the hell out of him. Now he was turned on and trying his damnedest not to ravish her in his truck. How could one soft kiss turn him on so much?“I can’t go in there like this.”

“Like what? What’s wrong?” She watched as he looked down. Her eyes followed to where he was looking. Her breath caught. Was he really that big? Oh my. She tried not to stare but how could she not. She and Gabe had never had sex. Had gotten close to it, but her fear of pregnancy had stopped her every time. Her gaze slowly traveled back to his face. “Do you want to leave?”

“If we do, you know what will happen. I’m trying to prevent that.”

“Why? It’s going to happen eventually. With the way I feel about you…” She trailed off and looked away. Damn. She had to be more careful.

He pulled her to him and she willing went into his arms. He could get use to this. “Is that the reason you broke up with Gabe? Because you have feelings for me?”

She opened her mouth to speak and then closed it. Think of something to tell himShe couldn’t tell him the whole truth so she improvised. “Yes, partially. I didn’t love him.” I love you. Always have. She wanted to say but couldn’t. It would surely scare him away.

His arms tightened around her waist. “You were with the guy for two years and you felt nothing?” He found that hard to believe.

“I didn’t say that. I believe it was more of an infatuation. We argued way too much, and it was just draining. We’d been fooling ourselves for way too long.”

Stroking his fingers down her curls, he angled her face to his and kissed her soft, inviting lips. He didn’t think he would ever get enough of her. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t want to. He felt her lips open beneath his and he slipped his tongue inside. He let out strangled moan when he felt her suck his tongue. If it was possible, he felt himself grow harder. He abruptly broke the kiss when he felt her undoing his belt buckle. “Alexis…” He whispered hoarsely.

She looked up briefly into his eyes. “Can anyone see us in here?”

“No. The windows are tinted. Why?” Realization dawned him. She wanted to make love here? No, they couldn’t.

She saw the doubt that crossed his face. She didn’t care. She wanted him now. This increased throbbing in her hot center was driving her mad. “Yes or no, Zane? I need you now. I don’t want to wait.”

He smiled at her impatience. His little impatient woman. His?. Damn, he’d already claimed her. He might as well just stop fighting it and give in to his feelings for her. His body demanded that he take her here but he wanted them in a bed, not in his truck. He turned and started the engine. “Buckle up. We are going to my house. You don’t deserve to be made love to in a truck, babe. You with me?”

She was hot all over and that was from just a kiss. Her imagination went into overdrive. She absently nodded at his question and buckled her seat belt. Anticipation was climbing all over her as he pulled out of the parking space and headed back to the highway.

Zane’s home

Zane hurriedly parked his truck in the driveway. He opened his door and got out. He walked over to the passenger side and opened the door. The first thing he saw were her thighs and round hips in that skirt as she turned to get out. Oh man. “Come here, baby.” He watched as she scooted towards him. When she reached the edge, he spread her legs. He just wanted one taste. Lowering his head, he placed a kiss on the inside of her thigh. When she inhaled sharply, he smiled. So responsive. His fingers found her hot center through her underwear. He rubbed up and down and then he made small circles with his finger and she cried out. Music to his ears. He lifted her into his arms and kicked the door shut. “Let’s get inside.”

She laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her inside. She couldn’t believe that she was about to make love with him. The thought of losing her virginity wasn’t as scary now. Because she wanted this. With Zane. No one else mattered. Maybe that was selfish but thats how she felt. He placed her on her feet once they were inside. While he locked the door, she walked to his bedroom. Staring at his bed, she wondered how many other women had slept there? She closed her eyes and tried not to let that bother her. She jumped slightly when she felt his arms encircle her waist. She hadn’t heard him come in.

“You okay?” He whispered near her ear. He felt her stiffen and knew something had changed. “What is it, sweetheart? You can tell me.”

“I can’t tell you without sounding jealous. I don’t want to ruin our time together.”

He kissed her neck softly. “You won’t. Spill.”

She breathed deeply. “How many other woman have shared your bed?”

He lifted his mouth from her neck and turned her to face him. “Alexis, I don’t make it a habit of bringing women to my home. I won’t say that no one has been here before but we were in a serious relationship. To answer your question…Not many, sweetheart.”

“You barely know me. So, why are you bringing me here?”

A smile spread across his face. “Who says I barely know you?”

His smile did funny things to her insides. Focus,AlexisShe took a deep breath. “Come on. I’m your best friend’s sister. What could you possibly know about me?” Why was she questioning him like this? They had plenty of time to get to know each other.

He knew what she was doing. She was trying to find an excuse to get out of this. Well, he wasn’t one to hold people hostage if they didn’t want to do something. “If you must know, I know you like double fudge ice cream, black and white films, you’re very competitive, and a genius when it comes to problem solving. He paused. “Come on. Let’s get you home.”

She reared back, surprised. “Why?”

He shoved his hands into his pocket to keep from reaching out to her. She looked so stricken. “You seem to be having second thoughts about this. Are you?”

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her body to his. “Of course not. I was jealous. I really have no right to be. You had a life before me.”

“Don’t worry about it. Trust me. I’m a one-woman man. And the only woman that I want is you. Are we clear?”

She smiled. “Crystal.”

“Good.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and gently pulled her into a kiss. So sweet and yielding. He nipped her lips and dragged his tongue across her bottom lip. She moaned and tightened her arms around his waist. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and her body jerked when he dueled with her tongue. Damn, she was on fire. If he didn’t put out this blaze soon, she was going to go up in flames. She shifted and lifted his shirt from his pants and briefly broke the kiss to pull it over his head. Her mouth watered just looking at his lean, taut body. She touched his abs with her fingertips. Her gaze jerked upward when she heard him hiss at the contact. Before she knew it, he gathered her in his arms and carried her to his bed.

He gently laid her down and slowly removed her skirt, inch by excruciating inch. By the time he removed it, she was panting. He removed her underwear next and then her top and bra followed. She was a sight to behold, he thought. Shapely hips flowed up to a small waist. Her breasts weren’t incredibly large but enough to fill his hands and then some.

“Zane, you’re killing me here.”

“Oh yeah?” He settled himself between her thighs and then lowered his head to capture a nipple into his mouth. She cried out softly. He licked, nipped, and drew it back into his mouth. “How about now?”

“It’s worse now. Come here. I missed you.”

His heart skipped a beat at the heartfelt words spoken. He moved up her body and placed a kiss on her soft mouth. She opened her mouth beneath his and the kiss turned passionate, more insistent. He needed to be inside her desperately. Sliding his hand down to her hot center, he rubbed and prodded her folds drawing small whimpers from her. He continued to ravage her mouth as he slid his finger inside her. Slowly he withdrew his finger to the tip and then slid it right back in. He smiled to himself when her hips began to move in the same rhythm. He tried to slip another finger inside her, but he couldn’t. He frowned. No. She couldn’t be. Could she? He wondered.

Alexis opened her eyes when his finger stilled and found Zane frowning. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

His gaze zeroed in on her, eyes blazing. “When were you going to tell me you were a virgin? Before or after?”

Her breath caught. She hadn’t really thought about. She had been too caught up in the moment. “I…I don’t know. Does it matter?”

“Hell yes, it matters!” He yelled. How could she not think that this was not important? He wondered

She cringed. This wasn’t going to end well. Now, was a good time for her to get her clothes and go home. “Let me up.”

He rose from his position and watched her scurry from underneath him. Damn. He shouldn’t have yelled at her. “Wait.”

She shook her head vehemently and threw her clothes back on. “I gotta go. I will talk to you another time.” She said softly

He grabbed her before she made a beeline for the door. When he felt her trembling beneath his hand, he swore. “Alexis, I shouldn’t have yelled like that. I’m sorry.”

She stared at him for a long moment before she spoke. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. Now, I need to go.”

He let out a shaky breath. “Please stay.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. “Why? So, you can yell at me again? Thanks, but no thanks.” She tossed.

“I’m not taking you back home. We need to talk about this.”

She shook her head. “Fine. I will just call a cab then.” She turned and sauntered out of the bedroom. As the front door closed behind her, she struggled not to cry. Sliding down the door, she sat and waited. For what…she wasn’t sure. Registered & Protected


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