Don’t Make Me Beg

Love takes two

Love takes two (Photo credit: Βethan)

I don’t want to wake up in

the morning and not find

you beside me.

To not feel your warm, sweet breath

fluttering upon my neck.

To not see your gorgeous

lashes fanning across your face.

To not feel your broad and

sculpted chest beneath my


I want to wake up to 

butterfly kisses and your teasing lips.

Kissing me on that spot just below

my earlobe. That spot that makes my

toes curl and has me begging for more.

I want you obliging my every request and

demand. Keeping me in a sea of ecstasy.

Keeping me from thinking coherently.

Only focusing on the heat that engulfs

me when you touch me. Just one touch

has me sizzling like butter in a frying pan.

Come on, my superman, soar me to the 

highest of heights with your passion and love.

Give me that heady feeling that I’m addicted

to more and more. Put me on cloud nine and never let me touch


Stay with me. Because when you leave you take

a part of me with you. I don’t want to wake up

without you lying next to me. I don’t want to face the reality of life

without you. There is no me without you. Registered & Protected


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