My review of Something on The Side by Carl Weber


When I first got this book in the mail, I put it aside. I’m not even sure of the reason I did that, but I’m so glad I went back to it.

Carl Weber did such an excellent job of weaving such an intricate tale of five plus sized divas that go through their share of issues in relationships and life in general.

Tammy, who is married to Tim and has the life that her girls envy or so they think. Little do they know that her suggestions of a threesome leads to some dire consequences that might just destroy her twelve year marriage. Personally, Tammy was not one of my favorites. She was just so naive and delusional. She made me mad so many times.

Nikki, who is in a relationship with Tiny (another woman). I was surprised that she was a lesbian. I guess I didn’t see it coming. Anywho, her and Tiny’s relationship seems all lovey dovey at first, but when Tiny feels their relationship is being threatened by a man (Keith) who happens to work with Nikki, things escalate to the point of no return. And let me tell you that some of their scenes in the book will have your jaw dropping.

Isis, is in a relationship with Tony, her ideal man. He does everything right except he won’t propose. And she wants more than anything to be his wife. Things seem to be going great until her ex Rashad comes back into the picture causing trouble.

CoCo, is the only one out of the group that is not in a relationship. She pretty much uses her looks to get what she wants from men. And trust me she does not come out empty handed. She is not use to being told ‘no’ but when she meets Mac, she realizes that there is one man who will not bow down so easily to her charm.

Egypt, is Tammy’s best friend and Isis’s sister. Not alot is shed on her background. However, she is good at getting others leftovers.

Overall, the book was an emotional rollercoaster ride. Trust me you will not want to put it down!!


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