Recommended Read: Forbidden Fruit by Nika Michelle

Forbidden Fruit: Nika Michelle: Kindle Store.


Ayanna is dealt a hard hand in life, but learns to take control early on. Her mom’s strung out on drugs and her dad is in prison for life without the chance of parole. At a young age she does what she has to do to take care of herself and her little sister Amaya. When her illegal actions get her arrested, the system steps in and puts her and her sister in foster care. She and her sister are reunited when a family member takes them in. At the age of fourteen she meets Diablo, the king of Atlanta’s drug trade. He is also the infamous leader of the Cue Boys, one of Atlanta’s toughest and deadliest street gangs. His powerful persona attracts the young Ayanna, who is seduced by the lure of the streets. As time goes on she develops a roller coaster relationship with Diablo. Women throw themselves at him, and he doesn’t do much to resist their advances. Ayanna gets fed up with his philandering ways and plots the ultimate revenge. Will her actions cause her world to spin out of control?

Amaya has always wanted to be like her big sister Ayanna. After her first love Ju cheats on her she falls in love with Mel, who is a Cue Boy. After a brief love triangle with Ju and Mel she decides to call it quits with Ju. Then she finds out that she is pregnant. When she thinks she has her perfect family her past catches up with her. Will the bones in her closet become unburied?

Princess, Ayanna’s cousin, is the epitome of voluptuous and seductive. She does not believe in committed relationships and is only involved with a man to get what she wants. She is a gold digger in every sense of the word and sees nothing wrong with it. Money is not her only agenda, but pleasure is also her gain. In Princess’s world no man is off limits.Will playing with fire cause her to get burned?

Follow Ayanna, Amaya and Princess in this face paced street tale of love, lies, sex, crime and passion.


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