I was on Facebook earlier today, and someone pointed out that an author got an attitude with her because she didn’t support this one particular author. On top of that, he or she insulted her. That got me to thinking that either:

A)This author didn’t realize that his/her attitude reflects him or her

B)Or that he/she didn’t care about the kind of image they portrayed to a reader/supporter

C)He/She took him or her not supporting the author personally

D) He/She just didn’t care period

I would hate to think the latter. Honestly, every author should care about how they portray themselves and realize that every reader is different. One may prefer paranormal romance or urban lit. Or they may like both. The point is to not take such things personally. Even if the author they didn’t support is a friend, you shouldn’t develop an attitude. Realize that everyone has feelings, opinions, and ideals. You just never who you may rub the wrong way and believe me, WORD OF MOUTH, can be a POWERFUL tool. I’m not saying, you should suck up to the reader. Just be mindful. Treat others the way you want to be treated (SIMPLE RULE OF THUMB, right?) I said right????


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