My review of Pleasure Principle by Brenda Stokes Lee


I always enjoy a good Brenda Stokes Lee novel. She has a way of telling her stories that have you thinking about them long after your done reading. Her novels are full of drama, romance, erotica, and comical wit. Each character leaves a lasting impression, and she does not disappoint in
Pleasure Principle.

This novel focuses on Teddy Bear Davine. Did I mention that the Teddy Bear is fine as all get out? Yes indeed! He was first introduced with the All Mye Queen’s Men series as a whore because of his promiscuous ways with women. However, in this story, he seems to have matured some and is actually considering settling down. Thus, his boys have talked him into doing a reality tv show with VH1 to find his wife. Needless to say this is quite an interesting journey as he has to choose between six different women. Another thing that I loved is that Teddy shows his more sensitive side. Ladies can’t help to fall in love with the infamous Teddy. And who he picks as his wife will no doubt be a surprise to you. I know it was to me. There were some grammatical errors in the story but it did not keep me from reading it. As an author, I understand that sometimes some things will be missed. Overall a 5 star read!

Pleasure Principle


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