My review of Black Butterfly by Nika Michelle


Meet Seantay, Seandra, and Renell Beauvois. These three sisters are rich, famous, and are hard-pressed to stay out of the public eye. Seantay Beauvois is the youngest sister and is a daddy’s girl. Seandra Beauvois is the middle sister and looks for acceptance & approval from her mother. Renell is the oldest sister. She is determined to do things on her own and not depend on her father’s money.

The three sisters are not particularly close as each one has their own insecurities and resentments toward each other in the midst of dealing with their own personal drama. Seantay is indecisive about her career and dealing with bad boys. Seandra is involved with her no good boyfriend Maurice. One will wonder why she is wasting her time with him. Renell prefers not to have a man and shuts herself off from everyone else. Throughout the story the sisters will learn some valuable lessons about love, forgiveness, and just maybe they can become close again. Great story. As always Nika Michelle draws you into a story and doesn’t let you go until the very end. *5 stars*

Get the book here:
Black Butterfly


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