My review of Side Chic by LaTonya West


Yesterday, I had the privilege of reading this Ebook and I really enjoyed it. From page one, Miss West draws you in immediately with Lala’s dilemma of being the side chic. She has made the decision to leave Boykins, VA because she has caught feelings for Tre and does not believe that she can stay in the same small town with him. This being because Tre has a family. He lives with his baby mama and has two twin boys that he provides for. Lala does not want to mess up his home so she moves to Danville. Of course, there is another reason why she does this and you will have to read the book to find out. Lets just say that the secret she is keeping ends up coming out and when I say that drama unfolds, it truly does!! 5 stars for Side Chic. Definitely will read more from this author. You can get it here for 99 cents:

Side Chic on Amazon



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