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Writer asked me recent question:

Why don’t you just make your books available exclusively through Amazon to cut out all the headache of trying to find your money, plus you can get nice sales and reviews there?

Here’s my reply


Becoming an author is difficult and then at the end of the month, I have to become a pimp and constantly ask where is my money.

True Amazon does cut down on the frustration, but I’m an author, which means I’m in the business of publishing books for readers.

Readers are my customers and I have to think about them instead of concentrating on my frustration.

Check out my Amazon Store

Check out my Smashwords Store

Four years. four years I’ve been on smashwords. the first year, I didn’t make a bump. Not even a free download, the second, I think I did…

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      • i just tagged u in a tweet!! and gave you a like on yr Amazon!

        I wrote the post bcuz I was seeing a lot of the author’s quitting smashwords over not being able to get their book in premium distribution.

        But then I remember in the beginning how readers found me by so many different ways and an author really shouldn’t just rely on one way because readers come from so many different directions.

        I just didn’t want to discourage authors – especially ones just starting out.


      • Thank U!! I saw the tweet. Appreciate it.
        I like your style. I too enjoy helping others. Even though I’ve been in the industry for a year and two months, I still like to help other authors. I know how hard it can be.

        In regards to your post, I started out on Smashwords then went to Amazon. Now I’m on Amazon & Lulu
        Premium distribution was one of my biggest issues. The formatting for it just seemed like overkill.


      • i made my formatting as simple as possible. once i mastered it at Smashwords, I was able to just do anything to any other format.

        i’m still trying to master just epub, but it’s very difficult to make it look “pretty” for the readers on all devices.


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