Don’t Make Me Beg

Love takes two

Love takes two (Photo credit: Βethan)

I don’t want to wake up in

the morning and not find

you beside me.

To not feel your warm, sweet breath

fluttering upon my neck.

To not see your gorgeous

lashes fanning across your face.

To not feel your broad and

sculpted chest beneath my


I want to wake up to 

butterfly kisses and your teasing lips.

Kissing me on that spot just below

my earlobe. That spot that makes my

toes curl and has me begging for more.

I want you obliging my every request and

demand. Keeping me in a sea of ecstasy.

Keeping me from thinking coherently.

Only focusing on the heat that engulfs

me when you touch me. Just one touch

has me sizzling like butter in a frying pan.

Come on, my superman, soar me to the 

highest of heights with your passion and love.

Give me that heady feeling that I’m addicted

to more and more. Put me on cloud nine and never let me touch


Stay with me. Because when you leave you take

a part of me with you. I don’t want to wake up

without you lying next to me. I don’t want to face the reality of life

without you. There is no me without you. Registered & Protected



I feel like I'm losing
Like I don't know who I am anymore
Like I can't get a grip on my own reality.
It's like I'm stuck
between joy and
This in between existence
that is slowly choking
the life out of me
As much as I try
to push it behind
It's always there waiting for the
opportunity to engulf
my entire being.
I wish somebody,
anybody could hear
my cry of despair
and anguish.
Too bad they can't
Their too self-absorbed
in their own lives & routines.
To ever notice the pain I'm in.
So, I cry deep inside
Praying for someone to see through 
my tough exterior.


I wish I knew how
to handle this
These thoughts are
climbing through my
mind. Trying to
break through & be
set free to cause
destruction, confusion,
and mayhem.
I say a silent prayer
to God to not let
these things be.
I’m not this person
I can’t be…
Can I?

I cry out in anguish
as wave after wave
of my thoughts cause
visions to appear before
my eyes.
I thrash &writhe
on the bed as the visions
keep a stronghold on
my soul
“God, please help me!” I scream
Suddenly, there is a stillness
in the room.
Peace envelopes my aching soul
and the visions disappear.
the dark thoughts leave me.
I hear a faint whisper “You’re
my child, and this shall not be. Sleep
my child. I won’t be far away.”
Serenity envelopes my heart
as my eyelids lower, I thank God
for giving me peace at last. Registered & Protected


What happens when Mr. Right isn’t exactly Mr. Right?

What happens when he’s not all you thought he would be?

Do you give up?

Throw in the towel? Or just work with what you have?

Do you go in search of someone else that can meet your expectations?

What if he just pretends that he’s all you want him to be?

Then one day you wake up and see that you really do not know him

just what he wanted you to see.

Then you go back after Mr. Almost Right but it’s too late because

he’s got his Mrs. Right.

So was it really worth it to go searching for something that you

already had but just didn’t really recognize it because you were too

focused on what he didn’t have? Registered & Protected


Your lips touch mine
and I find it hard to breathe.
I suck in a lungful of air but it does nothing
to tame my desire for you.

You drink from my mouth greedily
and I hold on tightly
Hoping that this fire between us
doesn’t consume me.

I love how your passion
embraces me. Like a tidal
wave, it knocks me over

and floods every part of me.

Oh, let me count the ways of your gentle

strokes across my skin and your tender

caresses on my body. I’m slowly drowning

in a sea of ecstasy…No need to save me.

I will happily drown as long as you

 are right here next to me. Registered & Protected


Looking into your eyes
I feel you see right
through my FACADE
of bitterness and loneliness.

You dig deep to the innermost
parts of ME
To the woman who
begs to be loved
without conditions.

I long to show you
the real ME but I’m afraid.
Afraid you will disappoint ME.
Afraid you will make ME regret
opening my heart to you.

My whole being desires to be YOURS,
To be filled with every part of you.
But how can I let YOU in, when my mind
is at war with my heart?

How can I let you love ME,
when I’m afraid you’ll shatter ME?
Then who will be there to pick up the pieces of ME…. Registered & Protected


I am more than the roundness of my hips

The thickness of my thighs

The perkiness of my breasts

And the plumpness of my behind.

I am a woman with integrity

Who deserves to be respected

Not to be downgraded and



For my power flows off me in waves

My inner strength propels my drive to


Regardless of your obviously low opinion

of me. 

I will reach my goal.

I will maintain the course that was set in motion for me.

And when I exceed my expectations

I will glory in my triumph

For it will be sweet

But not for you

For I did try to warn you 

That I was more than my

sex appeal

So when you are sitting at home

mewling over your mistake

Remember you were forewarned… Registered & Protected


Your beauty is like a drug in my system
When I revel in it, euphoria surrounds me
And I ride high…high…high on the smoothness of your skin, on the sweetness of your lips, and the honey drip between your thighs.
It’s like I’m caught up in a wave of overflowing ecstasy.
Can’t stand when you’re away from me.
Withdrawal symptoms taking over me.
You’re like an itch I have to scratch
A blunt I have to hit
Like a moth to a flame
I’m drawn into your essence
Man, I’m so addicted…. Registered & Protected