Recommended Read: Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In (Sexcapades) by Dyphia

Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In (Sexcapades): Dyphia: Kindle Store.

Dr. Lenese Stringfield Puts the “Sex” in Sex Therapy as she takes the profession by storm with her new and innovative techniques. Her seductive nature and sexy demeanor has her clients eating out of the palm of her hand; amongst other things. Lenese has loved once and lost. So, if she can’t be with the one she loves; she will love the one she’s with. But, amazing sex doesn’t come without a price tag. Too bad life has a lesson to teach this freaky therapist! She will soon learn that Karma is the “one bitch” that has everyone’s address. Fooling around with another woman’s husband is dangerous, but falling in love with one can be deadly.


Recommended Read: Toy’s Story: Brenda Stokes Lee: Kindle Store


Toy’s Story: Brenda Stokes Lee: Kindle Store.


OFFICIAL Book Trailer for my novel “Yours Truly” Produced by Taste the Dream Publications

Check out the trailer! And if you are so inclined, purchase the book for just 99 cents on! Thanxs to everyone who has supported me from day one!

Haven’t posted in a while

Hey everyone! Sorry, I have been missing in action. I’ve been busy promoting and marketing my book. Rest assured I will be back to my daily posts. I also wanted to share some good news with you guys. I am EXPECTING! I just found out and me and the hubby couldn’t be happier about it. So, things are definitely changing in my household. 🙂 On another note, remember my book Yours Truly is available on Amazon and Smashwords. On Amazon, it is $3.99 and on Smashwords its $5.99. Hope you guys have a good night!

Get your copy today!

Yours Truly: A Tramaine Green novel, is on the map! You can purchase it for $5.99 at #smashwords #ebook #author #read-Also available on!

Yours Truly is on!

Hey you guys!

Just a FYI, Yours Truly is now on You can now download it directly to your Kindle Fire or Kindle app on your Android or iPhone. Remember it is only $5.99. So come on and support your girl. If you have already bought the book, I truly thank you for giving me a shot. Don’t forget to leave a review-GOOD OR BAD. 

Feel free to visit my author page on Amazon here:

Published Author in the House!!

It’s official! Yours Truly has been published! I’m just so excited and proud of myself for following through on what I set out to do. It’s been a long hard road getting to this point & I’m grateful that I was able to stick it out. Now, you can go to to purchase the book for $5.99! Of course you’re able to sample the book first, but only a small percentage of it. If you do buy it, please be sure to leave a review once you’ve finished it. Thanks again for your support, love, and dedication! Smooches!

Formatting Complete!

Finally, I’m done with the formatting for this book. Sheesh! As soon as I get my book cover, I will attempt to upload it to Smashwords. Prayerfully, I won’t have to make anymore changes. But if I do, then it’s back to the drawing board. But rest assured, the book will either be posted tonight or tomorrow. I will post on here and let you know!


I am pleased to announce that there is only 5 days left until Yours Truly is officially published!! I am uploading it to You can then choose which format you would like it to be in (pdf, mobi, epub, etc.) and send it to that application on your phone or IPAD or whatever it is you use to read e-books. I’m praying that this formatting with Smashwords goes as planned. It’s already giving me a run for my money lol. Stay tuned for me to announce that it is on Smashwords on 12/25! Thanks for your support! I appreciate it greatly!


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17 days!!! 17 days until Yours Truly is available for your reading pleasure. It’s ironic, how  times flies. I remember just announcing this two months ago & now it’s COUNTDOWN time. I really hope you guys enjoy it! It will be available on Kindle and Nook. Pray for me that I don’t panic to death over these last two weeks. Thanks in advance for your support!