Xyla Turner’s Under Further Review book is live on Amazon!


Under Further Review is a contemporary, standalone, sports romance. 

Shane Sinclair, a professional football player who does not like, entertain or talk to reporters, even when he is mandated to appear for the press conferences. Shane has his reasons for his stance, which strengthens when a reporter blurts out that his father had passed, and he was not informed yet. The only reporter that gave their condolences was one of the lone female sports reporter, Diamond Reeves. Although, Shane kept his stance about the story-hungry reporters, Ms. Reeves wiggled her way through his defenses and Shane finds that he needs to maneuver past hers so that their odd friendship can go to the next level. Shane’s ex-fiancé does not take the break up easily and sets out to cause havoc for the new couple and herself. 

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The Reunion: A Forbidden Fruit Story 2 (Finale)


Happy Release day to Nika Michelle! The Forbidden Fruit saga is a great series and I am proud to have been apart of it from day one. Check out my review of Forbidden Fruit in my Recommended reads section and then head over to Amazon to 1-click! Please show your support!

The Reunion: A Forbidden Fruit Story 2
The Reunion: A Forbidden Fruit Story

Featured Author on “Meet the Author Mondays” w/ Author Phoenix C Brown!

Hey everyone, on March 5th, I will be the featured author on Author Phoenix C Brown’s website. I will be on there the entire week. Be sure to support your girl and ask any questions about Yours Truly or me that you may have. You can go to this website below. Hope to see you there!

http://phoenixcbrown.weebly.com/meet-the-author-mondays.html or http://phoenixcbrown.weebly.com/index.html

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