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Yours Truly: A Tramaine Green novel, is on the map! You can purchase it for $5.99 at #smashwords #ebook #author #read-Also available on!


Published Author in the House!!

It’s official! Yours Truly has been published! I’m just so excited and proud of myself for following through on what I set out to do. It’s been a long hard road getting to this point & I’m grateful that I was able to stick it out. Now, you can go to to purchase the book for $5.99! Of course you’re able to sample the book first, but only a small percentage of it. If you do buy it, please be sure to leave a review once you’ve finished it. Thanks again for your support, love, and dedication! Smooches!


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17 days!!! 17 days until Yours Truly is available for your reading pleasure. It’s ironic, how  times flies. I remember just announcing this two months ago & now it’s COUNTDOWN time. I really hope you guys enjoy it! It will be available on Kindle and Nook. Pray for me that I don’t panic to death over these last two weeks. Thanks in advance for your support!

Which E-reader Do You Prefer?


Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

There was a point in time, when actual paperback and hardback books were very popular. But in this day and age, e-books have paved the way into its own technology. I, personally, can’t get enough of e-books. Although, I still do desire a paperback or hardback every now and again. The reason I ask which e-reader you prefer is because soon I will be publishing my novel and its good to know or have an idea of what people like. So, if you can take the time to take this poll & if you desire, tell me your reason for liking that preferred e-reader. Thanks in advance.


When I first started this blog, I was just starting my writing venture. I had written a few novels and was mainly trying to get my name out there. Now a year and a half later, I’m actually putting out my first novel on December 25th!! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m hoping Yours Truly (that’s the name of the book) will be a hit! I don’t expect to be an award-winning author over night. Is it wrong to secretly want that? I’m not sure. If I don’t get there, well it’s all good. At least I know that I tried. Some people can’t even say that. So, I count my blessings. I said all that to say be on the lookout for it. I’m going to post on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and B & N’s Nook. Not sure about the price yet, but I will figure it out. Also stay tuned for a book giveaway!!! Thanks to all that helped me along the journey. You’re not forgotten. 🙂