Don’t Make Me Beg

Love takes two

Love takes two (Photo credit: Βethan)

I don’t want to wake up in

the morning and not find

you beside me.

To not feel your warm, sweet breath

fluttering upon my neck.

To not see your gorgeous

lashes fanning across your face.

To not feel your broad and

sculpted chest beneath my


I want to wake up to 

butterfly kisses and your teasing lips.

Kissing me on that spot just below

my earlobe. That spot that makes my

toes curl and has me begging for more.

I want you obliging my every request and

demand. Keeping me in a sea of ecstasy.

Keeping me from thinking coherently.

Only focusing on the heat that engulfs

me when you touch me. Just one touch

has me sizzling like butter in a frying pan.

Come on, my superman, soar me to the 

highest of heights with your passion and love.

Give me that heady feeling that I’m addicted

to more and more. Put me on cloud nine and never let me touch


Stay with me. Because when you leave you take

a part of me with you. I don’t want to wake up

without you lying next to me. I don’t want to face the reality of life

without you. There is no me without you. Registered & Protected


New Beginnings Pt. 2

As Zane pulled out of Stanford’s parking lot, it occurred to him that taking Alexis back to his house was not the best idea. All he could think about was making love to her. It had been a while since he’d made love to a woman that he cared about. He’d always cared for the woman sitting beside him and he didn’t want to mess that up. Surprisingly, he wanted more than a casual fling with her. She deserved more and then some. Deciding not to go back to his house in Palo Alto, he entered the ramp to the highway and headed for Rick’s Ice Cream parlor. It was neutral territory and at least he could focus there. Besides, Lexi would love their homemade ice cream. He felt her hand on his and jerked his attention back to her.

“Change in plans?”

“Yeah. Disappointed?”

Her lips quirked at the ends. “Maybe. I get it though. You’re being a gentleman.”

He took her hand in his and laced their fingers. “Do you like gentlemen, sweetheart?” He asked as he pulled in front of the ice cream parlor.

She looked at their joined hands and did her best to calm down the butterflies in her stomach. She removed her seatbelt and leaned over to him. Feeling more boldly then she ever had, she inched towards his lips. She stopped mere inches from his lips, recognition dawning in his eyes. She wasn’t sure if he pulled her the rest of the way or if she moved on her own. Her breath fluttered over his lips for a second and then she placed a soft open mouthed kiss onto his mouth. She slowly pulled back and flicked her tongue against her top lip. Delicious. “I love gentleman. There is something sexy about them.” She smiled inwardly as she watched him try to absorb it all. “Ready to go inside?” She reached for the door handle.

“Hold it.” His voice sounded alot more gruff than he’d intended. But hell, Lexi had just surprised the hell out of him. Now he was turned on and trying his damnedest not to ravish her in his truck. How could one soft kiss turn him on so much?“I can’t go in there like this.”

“Like what? What’s wrong?” She watched as he looked down. Her eyes followed to where he was looking. Her breath caught. Was he really that big? Oh my. She tried not to stare but how could she not. She and Gabe had never had sex. Had gotten close to it, but her fear of pregnancy had stopped her every time. Her gaze slowly traveled back to his face. “Do you want to leave?”

“If we do, you know what will happen. I’m trying to prevent that.”

“Why? It’s going to happen eventually. With the way I feel about you…” She trailed off and looked away. Damn. She had to be more careful.

He pulled her to him and she willing went into his arms. He could get use to this. “Is that the reason you broke up with Gabe? Because you have feelings for me?”

She opened her mouth to speak and then closed it. Think of something to tell himShe couldn’t tell him the whole truth so she improvised. “Yes, partially. I didn’t love him.” I love you. Always have. She wanted to say but couldn’t. It would surely scare him away.

His arms tightened around her waist. “You were with the guy for two years and you felt nothing?” He found that hard to believe.

“I didn’t say that. I believe it was more of an infatuation. We argued way too much, and it was just draining. We’d been fooling ourselves for way too long.”

Stroking his fingers down her curls, he angled her face to his and kissed her soft, inviting lips. He didn’t think he would ever get enough of her. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t want to. He felt her lips open beneath his and he slipped his tongue inside. He let out strangled moan when he felt her suck his tongue. If it was possible, he felt himself grow harder. He abruptly broke the kiss when he felt her undoing his belt buckle. “Alexis…” He whispered hoarsely.

She looked up briefly into his eyes. “Can anyone see us in here?”

“No. The windows are tinted. Why?” Realization dawned him. She wanted to make love here? No, they couldn’t.

She saw the doubt that crossed his face. She didn’t care. She wanted him now. This increased throbbing in her hot center was driving her mad. “Yes or no, Zane? I need you now. I don’t want to wait.”

He smiled at her impatience. His little impatient woman. His?. Damn, he’d already claimed her. He might as well just stop fighting it and give in to his feelings for her. His body demanded that he take her here but he wanted them in a bed, not in his truck. He turned and started the engine. “Buckle up. We are going to my house. You don’t deserve to be made love to in a truck, babe. You with me?”

She was hot all over and that was from just a kiss. Her imagination went into overdrive. She absently nodded at his question and buckled her seat belt. Anticipation was climbing all over her as he pulled out of the parking space and headed back to the highway.

Zane’s home

Zane hurriedly parked his truck in the driveway. He opened his door and got out. He walked over to the passenger side and opened the door. The first thing he saw were her thighs and round hips in that skirt as she turned to get out. Oh man. “Come here, baby.” He watched as she scooted towards him. When she reached the edge, he spread her legs. He just wanted one taste. Lowering his head, he placed a kiss on the inside of her thigh. When she inhaled sharply, he smiled. So responsive. His fingers found her hot center through her underwear. He rubbed up and down and then he made small circles with his finger and she cried out. Music to his ears. He lifted her into his arms and kicked the door shut. “Let’s get inside.”

She laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her inside. She couldn’t believe that she was about to make love with him. The thought of losing her virginity wasn’t as scary now. Because she wanted this. With Zane. No one else mattered. Maybe that was selfish but thats how she felt. He placed her on her feet once they were inside. While he locked the door, she walked to his bedroom. Staring at his bed, she wondered how many other women had slept there? She closed her eyes and tried not to let that bother her. She jumped slightly when she felt his arms encircle her waist. She hadn’t heard him come in.

“You okay?” He whispered near her ear. He felt her stiffen and knew something had changed. “What is it, sweetheart? You can tell me.”

“I can’t tell you without sounding jealous. I don’t want to ruin our time together.”

He kissed her neck softly. “You won’t. Spill.”

She breathed deeply. “How many other woman have shared your bed?”

He lifted his mouth from her neck and turned her to face him. “Alexis, I don’t make it a habit of bringing women to my home. I won’t say that no one has been here before but we were in a serious relationship. To answer your question…Not many, sweetheart.”

“You barely know me. So, why are you bringing me here?”

A smile spread across his face. “Who says I barely know you?”

His smile did funny things to her insides. Focus,AlexisShe took a deep breath. “Come on. I’m your best friend’s sister. What could you possibly know about me?” Why was she questioning him like this? They had plenty of time to get to know each other.

He knew what she was doing. She was trying to find an excuse to get out of this. Well, he wasn’t one to hold people hostage if they didn’t want to do something. “If you must know, I know you like double fudge ice cream, black and white films, you’re very competitive, and a genius when it comes to problem solving. He paused. “Come on. Let’s get you home.”

She reared back, surprised. “Why?”

He shoved his hands into his pocket to keep from reaching out to her. She looked so stricken. “You seem to be having second thoughts about this. Are you?”

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her body to his. “Of course not. I was jealous. I really have no right to be. You had a life before me.”

“Don’t worry about it. Trust me. I’m a one-woman man. And the only woman that I want is you. Are we clear?”

She smiled. “Crystal.”

“Good.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and gently pulled her into a kiss. So sweet and yielding. He nipped her lips and dragged his tongue across her bottom lip. She moaned and tightened her arms around his waist. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and her body jerked when he dueled with her tongue. Damn, she was on fire. If he didn’t put out this blaze soon, she was going to go up in flames. She shifted and lifted his shirt from his pants and briefly broke the kiss to pull it over his head. Her mouth watered just looking at his lean, taut body. She touched his abs with her fingertips. Her gaze jerked upward when she heard him hiss at the contact. Before she knew it, he gathered her in his arms and carried her to his bed.

He gently laid her down and slowly removed her skirt, inch by excruciating inch. By the time he removed it, she was panting. He removed her underwear next and then her top and bra followed. She was a sight to behold, he thought. Shapely hips flowed up to a small waist. Her breasts weren’t incredibly large but enough to fill his hands and then some.

“Zane, you’re killing me here.”

“Oh yeah?” He settled himself between her thighs and then lowered his head to capture a nipple into his mouth. She cried out softly. He licked, nipped, and drew it back into his mouth. “How about now?”

“It’s worse now. Come here. I missed you.”

His heart skipped a beat at the heartfelt words spoken. He moved up her body and placed a kiss on her soft mouth. She opened her mouth beneath his and the kiss turned passionate, more insistent. He needed to be inside her desperately. Sliding his hand down to her hot center, he rubbed and prodded her folds drawing small whimpers from her. He continued to ravage her mouth as he slid his finger inside her. Slowly he withdrew his finger to the tip and then slid it right back in. He smiled to himself when her hips began to move in the same rhythm. He tried to slip another finger inside her, but he couldn’t. He frowned. No. She couldn’t be. Could she? He wondered.

Alexis opened her eyes when his finger stilled and found Zane frowning. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

His gaze zeroed in on her, eyes blazing. “When were you going to tell me you were a virgin? Before or after?”

Her breath caught. She hadn’t really thought about. She had been too caught up in the moment. “I…I don’t know. Does it matter?”

“Hell yes, it matters!” He yelled. How could she not think that this was not important? He wondered

She cringed. This wasn’t going to end well. Now, was a good time for her to get her clothes and go home. “Let me up.”

He rose from his position and watched her scurry from underneath him. Damn. He shouldn’t have yelled at her. “Wait.”

She shook her head vehemently and threw her clothes back on. “I gotta go. I will talk to you another time.” She said softly

He grabbed her before she made a beeline for the door. When he felt her trembling beneath his hand, he swore. “Alexis, I shouldn’t have yelled like that. I’m sorry.”

She stared at him for a long moment before she spoke. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. Now, I need to go.”

He let out a shaky breath. “Please stay.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. “Why? So, you can yell at me again? Thanks, but no thanks.” She tossed.

“I’m not taking you back home. We need to talk about this.”

She shook her head. “Fine. I will just call a cab then.” She turned and sauntered out of the bedroom. As the front door closed behind her, she struggled not to cry. Sliding down the door, she sat and waited. For what…she wasn’t sure. Registered & Protected

New Beginnings

Zane stirred from his sleep to the sound of someone humming.What the hell? He knew for a fact that he lived alone, so who was  in his house? He tried to remember if he’d brought someone home last night from the bar he’d gone too. No, he definitely hadn’t brought anyone home. He would have remembered that.

Rising from his bed, he followed the humming into his kitchen. He froze in the doorway upon seeing a pair of gorgeous brown legs. He followed those gorgeous legs up to one of his white t-shirts that hung loosely on the woman’s body. Was she wearing underwear underneath there? He wondered. Good grief. He was acting like a starved sex maniac but for some reason he couldn’t stop his train of thought. Even though his shirt was big on her, he could see the curves that accentuated her body. His eyes traveled further to brown and blonde curls that looked oddly familiar. His heart did a flip flop as he realized who this person was. It was Lexi. And when her eyes met his, he knew he was right.

She must have sensed he was there. Or had he said something? Hell, he didn’t know. He was too mesmerized by that luscious, shapely body of hers that he couldn’t remember. Shit. This was his best friend’s sister. Rafael would kill his ass if he knew he was lusting after Lexi.

“Hi, Zane. You doing okay?” She said softly. Her eyes took in his finely sculpted body and she had to keep herself from sighing. The man was beautiful personified.

He shook himself out of his lust filled haze or at least he tried to. Get a grip, man. “Lexi, what the hell are you doing in my house? I don’t remember letting you in last night.” His voice boomed. He cringed. Okay, that didn’t come out right.

She frowned and planted her hands on her hips. “Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. First off, I called you and asked could I stay the night, because Gabe and I had a huge fight last night. You might want to check your phone in case you don’t believe me. And second, do not talk to me like that. I’ll just get my shit and leave.” She threw down the spatula she had been using for the pancakes she was cooking. She turned off the burner and walked past him to the guest room she’d slept in.

The nerve of him talking to her like she was some stalker or something. What the hell was wrong with him? She wondered. What made her come over here, she wasn’t sure. Whatever the reason, it had been a big mistake. She hastily put on her jeans and tank top. Before she could slip on her shoes, she felt his presence. Just like she had in the kitchen. What was that? It was like her body went on high alert whenever he was near now.

“Lexi, wait. I’m so sorry about how I talked to you.” After she’d left the kitchen, he remembered her call late last night. He’d been half drunk which was the reason he couldn’t remember at first. He shouldn’t have talked to her like that. Hell, he’d never been that abrupt with her and it unnerved him that he’d hurt her. Why it bothered him so much, he couldn’t say. He was more upset with himself because of his reaction to her. Maybe it was the shock of seeing her without much on her body. Yeah, right. He was he fooling? Himself? Probably.

He wasn’t sure what possessed him to move towards her but he did. He stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders and drew her back to his chest. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pressed a kiss to her hair. “You don’t have to leave, Lexi.” God, she smelled incredible. Her body was soft against his and he couldn’t stop himself from reveling in how good she felt against him.

Her breath caught when he embraced her and smelled her hair. She hadn’t expected this. Not at all. Her anger melted just that quickly. “Zane, what’s happening?” She whispered. Suddenly, she found herself snuggling deeper into his arms. Not wanting him to ever let her go. His strong arms felt incredible around her.

“I don’t know. I saw my best friend’s sister in my t-shirt and now I can’t get that image out of my head. You looked incredibly sexy.” His voice dropped an octave lower.

Sexy? Oh my God, he wants me! She screamed in her head. For years she’d liked Zane but he’d never really noticed her. Wait. What was she getting so happy about? She was involved with someone. She couldn’t ignore that. Could she? “Zane, I…I’m with Gabe, remember.” Well, that sounded convincing. Real good job, Lexi.

He wrapped one of her soft curls around his finger. “Are you? You guys fight a lot, Lexi. Why are you still with him?” He’d always wondered about that but never asked. She deserved so much better.

She wasn’t sure how to answer him. The question had crossed her mind more than once. Last night’s fight had been the worst fight they’d ever had. Gabe had accused her of being in love with someone else and things had escalated from there. Technically, they had broken up. Hadn’t they? “I don’t know.”

She sounded so unsure. He hated that. He wanted her for himself. As crazy as it sounded, that’s what he wanted. Gabe be damned. He gently tugged the hair wrapped around his finger until her head fell back onto his shoulder. “Let me give you something to think about.” He placed small moist kisses on her beautiful neck and felt her shudder. He kissed her cheek and then his mouth slid to hers. Their breaths mingling sent his senses into overdrive. When their mouths joined, he felt a jolt in his body. God, he’d never felt that before with anyone else. He groaned when he felt her tongue slide into his mouth. When his tongue slid back over hers, a fire began to build in his lower belly. And damn he never wanted it to go out.

She turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. She moaned when he pulled her closer. Their kiss turned hot and demanding. She rubbed her body against his and gasped when she felt how hard he was. The passion that gripped her made her dizzy with longing. She had never felt this out of control…not even with Gabe….Because she didn’t love him. She loved Zane. This newfound revelation stopped her cold. She froze in his arms and panic began to set in. She loved a man who didn’t love her back. In fact, he’d never thought of her as a woman until today. Oh God, she had to go. Now she understood how Gabe felt. He loved a woman that didn’t love him back. Funny how that little fact had never come across her mind until now.

“Lexi, are you okay?”

She shook her head and quickly moved out of his arms before she changed her mind. “I have to leave. I will call you later.”

He frowned. Something just wasn’t right about her hurried departure. ” Wait. Lexi..”

“No. Just stop. Please.” She gathered her things and all but ran out of Zane’s house. As soon as she reached her car and got inside, she hit her steering wheel with her fist. How could she have not known that she loved Zane? Had she been in denial? That was a strong possibility. She wasn’t sure but she needed to figure it out. But first she needed to move out of Gabe’s apartment and find her own.

Two weeks later

Zane felt like he was going crazy. He shut down his computer and leaned back in his chair in his office. For the millionth time, he thought about Lexi and their kiss. He’d loved every minute of her lips on his. He loved the taste of her and was disappointed that the kiss had ended so quickly.

He wasn’t sure what made her run from him but he was determined to find out. He wasn’t easily deterred. If anything, he was more determined to find her. He’d already tried calling her but she wouldn’t answer. He had even been desperate enough to go by the apartment sh’de shared with Gabe. When Gabe had told him that she’d moved, it was as if he’d been sucker punched in the stomach. Now, he had no choice but to ask Rafe. Shit. The last thing he wanted was for his best friend to be upset with him, but he just couldn’t give a damn right now. He needed to see Lexi like yesterday.

Rising from his chair, he went next door to Rafe’s office. He and Rafe had been partners in their construction business, Stepping Stones LLC, for nearly ten years. They’d never let business come in between their friendship and he was glad that he could trust Rafe. He knocked on his door and peered inside. Rafe waved him inside.

“What’s up, man? Have a seat.”

He pushed his hands into his pockets. “No. I’d better not. This won’t take long.”

Rafael’s eyebrows drew together. “What’s wrong, Zane? Has something happened?”

Zane pushed a hand through his already tousled hair. “No, everything’s fine. Have you heard from Alexis?”

“Yeah. She called this morning.”

“Okay. Is she still in school? At Stanford, right?”

“Yes. She normally leaves around two in the afternoon.”

Great. That was enough to track her down. “Thanks, man. I will catch up with you later, okay?”

“Hold it right there. Zane, is there something on between you two?”

Zane exhaled sharply. “I won’t lie to you. I think there is something going on between us. What exactly that is, I’m not sure. I just need to talk to her.”

Rafe smiled knowingly. This was the first time he’d seen his friend so out of sorts over a woman in quite some time. His sister no less. “Looks like you got it bad, man.”

Zane’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “What the hell does that mean?”

Rafe chuckled. “You like Lexi. Admit it.”

Dammit. He was not suppose to catch on this quick. “Hell. I guess you could say that.”

“Why was it so hard for you to say that?”

“Come on, man. You know why. Let’s not pretend.”

Rafe shrugged. “I’m not. It’s been five years since Amber ripped you to shreds because of her inability to be faithful to you. Don’t tell me you’re not over that?”

What kind of question was that? Of course he was over it. “I am. I’m just a lot more cautious now. Lexi’s younger than Amber was.”

Rafe snorted. “She’s five years younger than you. That’s not a huge difference. Besides, why does that matter?”

It didn’t really. He just didn’t want to be hurt again. “Let’s not go there right now. I gotta catch her before she leaves school.”

“Just so you know, I don’t think you’re really being cautious, otherwise you wouldn’t be running after her. Care to tell me how all this came about?”

Zane rolled his eyes upwards. “Later, Rafe.” He ignored his friend laughter as he left.

Stanford Campus

Lexi walked out of her last class of the day. She was glad to be done for the day. She had a few months until graduation and then she could start her career as a nurse. As she walked outside to her car, she saw a couple of women she knew and waved to them. She was a few feet away from her car when she saw him. Zane. He was casually leaning against his truck. All of a sudden, it felt like she couldn’t breathe. How did he know what time she left school? She wondered.

Granted, she hadn’t left right at two today, but he didn’t look like he was in a hurry. What was he doing here? Damn, she was not prepared for this. Lexi, just breathe and just go talk to him. She reasoned with herself. But she couldn’t do it. She had to get past him somehow without him seeing her. She began walking but stopped again when his head lifted and their eyes met. Their kiss came rushing back into her mind. She knew he had to be thinking of it too.

Ignoring him or at least trying to, she made a beeline for her car. She pulled the keys from her purse with shaky hands once she got there. She’d just gotten the door open, when a shadow fell over her. He didn’t need to touch her for her to know it was him.

“Its time to stop running, Alexis.” He said as he gently closed her car door.

She swallowed hard and did her best not to tremble. She wasn’t scared of him because she knew he would never hurt her. The feelings she had for him made her afraid to take a chance. “Zane, please.” She pleaded.

He drew her back to him and inhaled her scent. She smelled of lilac and flowers. “God, Lexi, I missed you. It’s crazy how one encounter can change you.” He left off forever. It was too soon to say that.

“I know what you mean.” She murmured.

He gently pushed her curls behind her shoulder. He dipped his head to place a kiss there, and when he heard her inhale sharply, all the blood in his body felt like it was rushing to one spot in particular. He had to get a grip. The last thing he wanted was to scare her off. “Lexi, we need to talk. Don’t you agree?”

She nodded and let herself snuggle deeper into his embrace. She’d missed him and his touch. Suddenly, she regretted her impulse decision to run from him.”Yes, I suppose so.”

“I love when you do that.” He murmured near ear.

She smiled. “What is that exactly?”

“Snuggling deeper into my arms. Trusting me.”

She moved her body just enough to turn and look into his eyes. The hazel depths mesmerizing her. “Hi.”

He smiled. “Hi there.”

She sighed. “I guess I owe you an explanation.”

“An explanation would be nice.”

She chuckled. “Where do you want to go to talk?”

He pulled her closer. “Wherever you’re most comfortable. I promise I wont do anything you don’t want me to do.”

Indecision gripped her hard, but for the moment she decided to just be free and not so uptight. “So no kissing?”

He grinned. “Do you want me to kiss you, Alexis?”

She loved the way he said her full name. There was something sexy about how he let the “l” roll off his tongue. “I will admit that I’ve been thinking about it since I left your house. Yes.”

“You mean since you ran from my house?” He teased

She groaned and ducked her head. “Look, I-

He slid his finger down her cheek. “Hey, this is new for me too. I guess I can understand why you ran. Let’s go talk somewhere in private. Where would you like to go?”

He had no idea and she wasn’t going to correct him. She had no intention of telling him she loved him…yet. “How about your place?”

“Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

She smiled. “I’m more than okay with it. Come on. We can come back for my car later.”

“If you’re sure, then okay.” He took her hand and led her to his truck. When he helped her into his truck, he had to keep himself from staring at the way her skirt clung to her thighs. He had to keep his desires under control, at least until he talked to her. Damn, it was going to be a long day. Registered & Protected

Forever and Always Pt. 1

What the hell is he doing here? Vanessa wondered as she watched Terrell walk into the party with some hooker, no doubt, on his arm. This was supposed to be a classy business event not a strip club. Guess that’s what she deserved for getting involved with a co-worker. Something she would never do again. Not if she could help it. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the bar to get a glass of wine. She desperately needed something to calm her nerves and to keep her from thinking about Terrell’s betrayal. She would rather not dwell on it because it made her vulnerable. Something she could not afford to be..especially tonight in front of everyone. If only he would just leave, then she could think straight. She signaled the bartender.

“Can I get a glass of red wine, please?”

“Better make that two.” A voice rumbled behind her.

Vanessa’s body stiffened. She closed her eyes against the emotions coursing through her body. Hurt, anguish, rage..all bottled up and ready to be unleashed. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone and go back to his sleazy ass hooker? The last thing she wanted to do was deal with him right now. She had managed to avoid him for the last six months and now here they were. Things couldn’t get any worse. Could they?

What is she doing here? She’s been gone for months and now she’s suddenly back? God, he had missed her terribly. He saw the way she gripped the counter that she wasn’t happy to see him. “Vanessa, it’s lovely to you see as always. It’s been…a while.”

She turned and smiled so wide, it hurt her jaws. “Terrell, how are you?” Like she gave a damn. Okay, she did a little but she would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

He arched a brow. “You actually care? That’s a first.”

She smiled even wider. “If you don’t want my size eight heel to connect to your balls, I suggest you retract that statement.” She threatened. God, she couldn’t believe that she was still angry at him for humiliating her. She remembered the exact day and time she’d caught him in the copy room, of all places, with her now ex best friend..Damn. Don’t think about it,Vanessa.

Well, at least she would show some emotion, he thought. She had basically cut him off after what happened. She wouldn’t take his calls, texts, or emails. He’d started to believe he would never see her again..That he wouldn’t get a second chance..But now…He changed his stance. “I see you’re still angry.”

She smirked. “How considerate of you to see that. Now if you’ll excuse me…” She turned back to the bar to retrieve the wine the bartender had left at some point. She took a large gulp.

He let out a dry chuckle. “It’s ironic how you can be such a bitch after everything we shared together. You just up and leave without so much as a word as to where you were going. For months, I have wondered where you were, who you were with, and if you were okay. Then I see you for the first time and all you can say is ‘how are you?’ What kind of shit is that?” His voice rose. This is not how wanted the conversation to go but dammit, she had a subtle way of pushing his buttons.

She looked around and realized people were watching. “Will you please keep your voice down? I don’t want to be embarrassed…again.”

“Fine. Let’s go out onto the patio. Unless you want this to become public knowledge?” He hated to go there but what else could he do?

She frowned. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

He got closer to her until her intoxicating scent teased his nostrils. “Oh, yes you will. Now move your ass, Nessa.” He growled

She glared at him.”Fine.” She placed her drink on the bar and grudgingly walked out the door to the patio. The nerve of him ordering her around.

He walked out onto the patio and took a deep breath. For a moment, he allowed himself to drink in the sight of her. She looked so tempting in her mocha strapless gown that stopped just beneath her knee. The color suited her caramel skin. Her feet looked so delicate in her stilettos. He longed to take her hair down out of that chignon on the top of her head, but decided against it given the circumstances. Immediately, the anger was gone from his body. All he wanted was the woman he loved back. He knew he shouldn’t have but he went to her and slid his arms around her tiny waist that he vividly remembered kissing during their lovemaking. “Remember when we use to do this on our patio?” He whispered in her ear.

She sighed heavily. She wished he wouldn’t do this. “That’s the past.” A past she remembered all too well.

“To you maybe. But not to me. I remember how soft you felt in my arms. How you would squirm to get closer to me…”

She nearly whimpered at the picture he was creating. No, no, no. She would not let her guard down. “What’s the point of rehashing this? It’s over between us.”

Did she really believe that? He wondered. “We never agreed to break up. You just left me. Nessa, why didn’t you give me a chance to explain. Would you have believed me if I told you Theresa had shown interest in me since the day I met you?”

She shook her head. “Just stop. It doesn’t matter.”

He tightened his arms around her waist. “It does matter. I didn’t touch her. We were making plans for the future. What would have been the point of me doing that, if I were after someone else?”

Tears pooled in her eyes. She’d thought about that for months. It made sense. No! You can’t go back, she said to herself. She moved out of his embrace. “I can’t do this.”

He turned her to him and gently cradled her chin. “Nessa, I love you. Dammit, why don’t you believe in us? Believe in me?” He would admit to himself that he was hurt by her distrust. She had damn near broken his heart and up until now, he hadn’t been sure if it would ever mend.

“If you love me, then why did you come in with that woman? Do you think I’m stupid,Terrell?”

“I didn’t come here with anyone. She walked in the same time I did. Did you see my arm around her? Did you see me kiss her?”

Now that she thought about it. No, she hadn’t. Had she pegged him wrong? When they were together, they were extremely happy and she hadn’t suspected anything remotely close to infidelity with him and anyone else. In fact, they had been discussing marriage at one point. So why had she believed that he would hurt her like that? She wondered. She looked him in the eye and noticed he was inching closer to her lips. Oh hell. If he kissed her, she wouldn’t be able to resist him. Terrell had a way of kissing her that made her melt. One kiss wouldn’t be enough. His lips touched hers softly, as if he expected her to fight him off. When she didn’t, he kissed her again and she sighed when his tongue flicked over the seam of her lips. She opened for him and he slowly slid his tongue in her mouth. She whimpered when their tongues met. Leaning into him more, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He slid his tongue across her full bottom lip and her knees buckled fast. Damn him and his delectable mouth. She moaned and broke the kiss when he rocked his hips against hers.

He slid his thumbs down her cheeks. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “I..We can’t do that anymore. I can’t think when you kiss me. Things aren’t resolved between us and I’m not sure I want them to be.”

When would she just admit that she wanted to be with him? He stepped back. “Vanessa, you might be able to fool yourself but you can’t fool me. You love me just as much as I love you. You want me just as much as I want you. I will give you some space but remember this. I won’t wait forever, so make up your mind. Either you are in or you’re out.” With that, he walked away. He really hoped this wouldn’t be the last time he saw her. Registered & Protected

Risking Her Heart Pt. 2

He hurriedly put on his pants and walked quickly to the door. Without looking through the peep-hole, he yanked it open. And all the air rushed out of him…Sienna….He forced himself to breathe. He hadn’t expected her. God, she looked so good in her tank top and cut off shorts. He swallowed hard and made himself say something.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” He asked then cringed, Damn, that sounded lame.

Was he serious? He hadn’t seen her all week and that’s all he could say??? “Well, let’s see. You don’t come by, you stopped taking my calls, and you wouldn’t even call me. Does that about sum it up for you? Why else would I be here?” She asked, her voice rising with each word.

He sighed. Dammit, he was gonna pay for this big time. She rarely raised her voice, except when she was furious. Which wasn’t often. “Sienna….

She didn’t want to hear anything he said. The last time she had been this furious with him was years ago when they were freshmen in college. He’d stopped talking to her then too. He was too busy dating some upperclassman and had no time for her. When he’d been dumped by her, he came running back but she didn’t easily forgive him. It took her two months to get over it and let him back in. “Shut up, Antonio!! Don’t say anything. I came over here because I was worried about you and I missed you. Then when I get here you ask me a casual question as if we had seen each other all week?? As if nothing had happened between us? It was nothing to you to be away from me, huh? You didn’t give a shit, did you? How is that possible?”

He flinched at her words. She also didn’t make it a habit of swearing, either. “Sienna…

“Shut up!!!” She screamed and turned to go back to her car. She was a fool for coming here. On the way over, she’d tried not to get angry with him but the more she thought about how he just casually tossed her away after he didn’t get what he wanted, the angrier she got. Granted, she hadn’t told him the truth about her feelings but still, she wouldn’t have treated him like this. She didn’t get two steps before he grabbed her arm and quickly walked her into his house. He slammed the door shut and pinned against her the door.

“How far did you actually think you would get?” He asked

Her chest heaved uncontrollably. “Get off me, Antonio. I’m warning you.”

“Or what? Huh Sienna? What will you do?” He taunted. He knew the anger was just a cover up for how she truly felt. He’d hurt her badly and it was easier for her to be angry with him.

She growled and pounded his chest furiously. “Get off me! I hate you! How could you leave me like that?! I hate you, Antonio!” She collapsed in his arms and sobbed.

He’d caught her just in time. He lifted her petite body into his arms and carried her to the couch. God, he felt horrible. He shouldn’t have left her. He sat down and held her close to him as she continued to cry. Rubbing her back softly, he whispered his love for her over and over again. He couldn’t help it. Finally, after a long excruciating moment, he felt her relax and sniffle.

She slowly lifted her head from his chest and stared at his muscles for a moment before meeting his penetrating gaze. She swallowed hard. Her mouth suddenly dry. “I didn’t realize you….” She shook her head and started over. “I’m sorry I cried all over you, Tony.”

He tangled his hands in her curls and brought her face closer to his. She looked beautiful, even with puffy eyes and a red nose. “It’s okay. I’m so sorry I hurt you, sweetheart. I was hurt. I didn’t think things through.”

She placed her hands on his chest and leaned in to him until there was little space between them. “Tony…

“We can still be friends. Things don’t have to change.” He kept talking as if he hadn’t heard her.

“Tony, would you please be quiet?” She closed the space between them and pressed her mouth softly onto his. She drew back. “I’m sorry that I said I hated you. I don’t. Please know that.” She whispered and kissed him again. This time he reciprocated. He nibbled on the corner of mouth and then teased her with his tongue. She deepened the kiss and eagerly accepted his tongue into her mouth. She moaned when their tongues met. His tongue tasted of raspberries. Hmm, her favorite. She sampled all he had to offer and then some. The kiss went on and on, until finally he broke the kiss. He laid his forehead against hers and their harsh breathing filled the air.

“I didn’t expect that, Sienna. I…God, do you have any idea what you do to me? I really hope this wasn’t something you did out of pity.”

She frowned. “Of course it wasn’t done out of pity! What the hell, Tony? You really think I would do that?”

He entwined their hands together. “Stop. Just tell me. Please.”

She sighed. “No, Tony. I would never do that. Why would I ever do that? I love you too much to-

“Whoa. You what?” He lifted his head from hers and dropped her hands.

She smiled. “I love you, Antonio. You heard me right.”

“But you said that you didn’t love me that way.” He said in disbelief. Why had she lied to him? He wondered

“I know what you are thinking. You’re wondering about the reason that I lied. Well, I was scared and I don’t know how this is going to work. You’re the only man I’ve ever let myself fall for. I just got really good at hiding my feelings. I’m sorry. Seems like I’m saying that a lot today.”

He swallowed hard. She loved him. He knew it! Or rather he had suspected she was hiding her feelings. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her. “Sienna, I love you so much. I’m glad you love me too. I honestly don’t know if I could have been only friends again but I would’ve tried.”

She caressed his cheek. “Tony, you drive me insane sometimes, I swear. But I’m glad you’re glad. I missed you a lot.” Her hands slid to the back of his neck and tugged him closer. She placed an open-mouthed kiss onto his mouth and she felt his hands tighten in her hair. It felt good. He rolled her underneath him and plunged his tongue into her open mouth. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck. When she felt his body press against hers…oh man…she felt herself getting damp below…It had been a long time since she’d felt that…Allowed herself to feel like this. Then he started slowly rocking his hips against hers and she tore her mouth free from his kiss.

She gasped loudly. “Tony…” She whispered

“Yes, baby?” He rumbled near her ear. He licked a trail from her ear to her neck and felt her shudder beneath him. God, she felt so good beneath him like this.

“Are we ready for this?” She asked, doubt filled her voice

He lifted his head to look into those gorgeous amber eyes of hers. “Too soon?” He asked. The last thing he wanted to do was rush her into something she wasn’t ready for.

She chewed on her lip for a second. “I wouldn’t say that. I just think maybe we should go on a date first, perhaps?”

A slow smile spread across his face. He’d forgotten that his Sienna was still innocent in certain areas. He could wait for as long as she wanted him to. “Would tomorrow be too soon for you?”

“Tomorrow is perfect. You’re sure you’re okay with this?”

He kissed her full lips to reassure her. “Baby, you know me. I’m a very patient man. I will wait as long as you want me to. Okay?”

She smiled. “Okay. What time should I be ready?”

“Be ready at seven.”

“And where are we going?”

He nibbled on her mouth. “You’ll see.”

She smiled again. “I love surprises.” She whispered, quickly becoming aroused by his nibbling.

“I know, sweetheart.” He kissed her full lips again and then there was nothing but silence. Registered & Protected

His Good Thing

He watched intently as she was spun across the dance floor. A swift emotion gripped him as he watched the man she was dancing with place his hand on her back as he drew her back into his arms. Jealousy. Pure and simple. He recognized it. Hadn’t felt it in a long time with any other woman but Adrienne Winters. He sighed inwardly. Adrienne. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Of course, he’d been involved with some pretty women but she was different. She had a natural beauty that most women envied. Her flawless bronze skin never had a hint of makeup on it. Not that he could see. Hell, she didn’t need it. The only thing she wore was lip gloss that smelled of strawberries. Her hair cascaded down her back in massive waves that he would just love to thread his fingers through if given the chance. Her dress, a little black number, that fit too snug on every curve of her body was driving him insane. Everything she wore drove him mad with need but tonight that need threaten to boil over. He’d been pursuing this woman for a full year and each time he’d asked her to dinner, she’d declined. He wasn’t in the habit of pushing himself on any woman so he laid low, even though it was the last thing he’d wanted to do. He’d wanted to come on strong but decided not to. Every now and again he’d catch her alone in the cafeteria at work and would have coffee with her or breakfast but things still remained strained between them. He knew damn well she was attracted to him. When she thought he wasn’t looking, he saw her gaze travel over his entire body and that small smile of appreciation. She was fighting it and he could not understand why. He was seriously considering giving up.
“Hmm?” He said, not really paying attention.
His eyes finally landed on the person next to him. “Hey, Becca.” Becca was his ex girlfriend and best friend. They’d tried the dating thing but it didn’t work out so they decided to keep their friendship instead which worked out better.
She tilted her head and smiled. “So, are you going to ask her to dance or frown all night?” She prodded.
“I think I’m just going to go, Becca. She doesn’t want me near her. At least that’s the way it seems.”
Rebecca’s eyebrow arched. “Are you actually going to give up on her? Am I hearing defeat?” She asked, surprised that his confidence had waned.
He sighed. He should have known she wouldn’t let this go. Becca knew he loved a challenge. He had to admit that Adrienne was the biggest personal challenge he’d had in a while but his ego was being bruised over and over again. Each time she declined to go to dinner or a movie or just whatever, it hurt him, which was surprising because he never let things get under his skin. “Maybe I am. I’ll see you on Monday.” He handed her his wine glass and walked away from her with his heart in his throat.
Adrienne watched with wide eyes as Luke left the ballroom. She had been too aware of him watching her as he often did. Normally, she would just pretend she didn’t notice but not tonight. She’d wanted to dance with him and talk to him about their relationship or lack thereof but some other guy whose name she could not recall scooped her into his arms and she didn’t want to be rude to him. But now she could care less. She cared about Luke, even though she hadn’t told him that. She hadn’t been willing to admit it to herself until a few days ago. Every chance she could, she’d avoided him. Not because she didn’t like him but because if she got close, she could fall for him. Hard. And that was something she could not have backfire. Mixing business with pleasure was something she cared not to be apart of again but…Luke was so different from Jason and she couldn’t really hold him accountable for what Jason had done to her. She pushed the thoughts aside. She had to go after him before he got too far and she lost her nerve. She abruptly stopped dancing.
“Excuse me, but I have to go.” She quickly disentangled herself from the man’s arms and avoided his puzzled look. She ran in the same direction that Luke had gone. She just hoped she wasn’t too late.
Luke chided himself all the way to his car. He shouldn’t have left like that. He could have at least talked to her. Dammit. He turned sharply to go back inside but his breath caught before he could take another step. Was that Adrienne running toward him? He wondered. Yep, it was her. He’d know that dress anywhere. His heart-rate increased and he was pretty sure his pulse jumped vigorously beneath his shirt. Damn. She slowed down as she got closer to him.
“Luke. I’m glad I caught you.” She pressed her hand to her stomach as she tried to control her erratic breathing .
“Oh? Why is that Adrienne?”
“I needed to talk to you.”
An eyebrow rose. “About?”
She swallowed hard. “About us, Luke.”
Did she just say “us?” “Is there an “us?” She stepped forward and he took a step back. He tried not to look at the hurt expression on her face but failed.
“I guess I deserved that. I haven’t been very receptive to you and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can forgive me.”
She said the last part so softly and it tugged at his heart. He had such a soft spot for this woman. He closed the space between them in two strides. He placed his hands on her face and caressed her soft face. “Why wouldn’t I forgive you, Adrienne? Hmm?”
Damn, she was having hard time forming words now that he was near her. She inhaled his aftershave and cologne and found that she liked it. Instinctively, she slid her hands up his chiseled chest. She could feel it through his shirt. The man was so sexy and absolutely gorgeous. Not that she didn’t know that already, but being so close to him, she could see more of him. His mocha skin in contrast to her bronze skin was intoxicating. His skin offset his blue-gray eyes. She rarely saw this particular eye color on any man. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you’re tired of trying to pursue me.”
His hands moved down to her throat and he caressed her there. A low moan escaped her throat and he found himself moving closer to her lips. He’d wondered for a long time how they would feel against his. “I could never give up on you. I wanted to but I was on my way back when you came running to me.” He whispered. His head lowered to her neck and he placed a soft kiss there. He smiled when he heard her suck in a breath. He raised his head slowly until he was eye level with her. He watched as she lifted a shaky hand to trace his bottom lip with her finger. At the last minute, he flicked his tongue against her finger. She gasped and her eyes darkened.
“Luke” She whispered feverishly. Heat consumed her entire body. She felt his lips touch hers, waiting for her to respond. She slid her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. She felt his fingers thread through her hair and he pulled her against his body. She kissed him back and opened for him. She was helpless to stop the moan that came from her lips when his tongue plunged into her mouth. Mercy. The man had a wonderful mouth. She slid her tongue over his and then sucked. She felt him jerk in surprise but recovered quickly when he began doing the same in return. How could she have been this oblivious to this powerful man who had her wrapped in his arms? She questioned. She whimpered when he broke the kiss.
Luke drew in a ragged breath and let it out. “Adrienne” He breathed
She held her arms loosely around his waist. “Is there something wrong?”
He smiled. “Of course not. It’s just…if I don’t stop kissing you now, you’re going home with me.”
She had to smile at that. “Always the gentlemen, aren’t you?” She leaned into his embrace more and kissed him lightly on the lips.
“I suppose so, but right now I’m having a hard time being one. Considering, how long I’ve waited for this moment…”
She looked down,feeling awful. He reached down and tilted her chin to look at him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”
She shook her head. “Its okay. I just let my past get in the way of the present, which was the reason for my hesitancy. Well, one of the reasons.”
He kissed her softly. “And the other?”
The moment of truth, she concluded. She gulped. “I was, um, afraid of falling for you, Luke. Afraid that if I fell in love with you, that it wouldn’t work out between us and things would be awkward between us at work.”
Okay, she hadn’t meant to say that much but she couldn’t take it back now.
“I’m guessing you’ve been down this road before?” He knew she’d been hurt but to what extent, he wasn’t sure.
She nodded. “Yeah, I have.”
“Trust me, I wouldn’t have pursued you this long if I planned on having a fling. I would never hurt you. Believe me.”
Surprisingly, she did believe him. “Thank you for not giving up.”
He kissed her forehead and chuckled softly. “I wanted to so many times but there’s just something about you that tugs at my heart. I look forward to finding out what that is.”
She stood on tiptoe to nibble on his lower lip. “We’ll do it together, Luke. Now are you going to take me to your home or are we going to stay here all night?”
“If I take you to my home, you know whats likely to happen right?”
“I’m counting on it, Luke.”She purred. Now let’s go.”
He grinned. “Whatever my good thing wants, she gets.” She squealed has he lifted her off her feet into his arms. No doubt about it, she was looking forward to her life with Luke. Registered & Protected

More Than Just Friends

Good Morning, my fellow subscribers! I haven’t been on here in a while and I know you’re just dying to read a short story or two. At least, I hope you are! As promised, it is here. More Than Just Friends, is a short story that I wrote about two friends who have loved each other a long time and are finally coming out about their feelings for one another. This is just the beginning of the short story. There will more to come. I hope you enjoy it! Leave feedback if you desire! Have a great day!

Derrick sat at his table impatiently waiting for his date. Where the hell is she? He muttered under his breath. He’d been waiting for almost an hour for her to arrive. Of course, he’d wait forever if that’s what it took for her to realize that he loved her. For so long, he and Raquel had been friends…since their college days but he had always thought there was something more between them…even if they didn’t acknowledge it then.
He looked at his watch again. Was she backing out on him? She could have at least called or something. It wasn’t like her not to. Something had to be wrong. He stood, dropped a few bills on the table, and hastily left the restaurant. He had to find her.
Raquel sat on her bed thinking about how much of a coward she had become. She was supposed to be on a date with Derrick tonight yet she hadn’t even made it out of the front door. She sighed heavily. Derrick, whom she loved deeply and wholeheartedly. Derrick, whom she had been friends with for nearly eight years and in love with for just as long. She couldn’t imagine life without him, but she was scared. She didn’t want to lose their friendship by becoming lovers, which she knew for a fact would happen soon if they continued to date. No woman in her right mind would not want to make love to that fine specimen of a man. Derrick was six feet tall, had a lean, hard body, his skin was the color of milk chocolate, and he had a dazzling smile that could make you wet instantly. She knew from personal experience. Oh yes, they would in fact become lovers. Except it would be different because she knew every muscle and contour of his hard sexy body…knew every cut and scrape…every hot spot he had which she had learned by accident each time they tickled each other or when she gave him a massage. There had been many intimate moments between them that she had chosen to ignore. But now…A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. She knew it was Derrick. Somehow she managed to get downstairs on unsteady legs and swung open the door. He looked so good in his blue jeans and black sweater. She had to keep her mouth from watering. She noticed his gaze roamed over her body. She instinctively closed her robe, forgetting she only had on a black negligee beneath it.
“Well, it’s good to know that you’re okay at least.” He said in a sarcastic manner. Here he was worrying about her and she was sitting at home.
She could tell he was angry and he had every right to be. “Derrick, let me explain.”
He shook his head. “Rae, let’s just let it go. I knew it was a shot in the dark. You could have at least called me though.” He turned away abruptly. This wasn’t the time to talk about this. He didn’t want to bite her head off.
She reached out to him and grabbed his arm before he could leave her. She felt his muscles tighten against her touch. She knew this wouldn’t be easy. “D, I’m sorry about this. I chickened out. Please don’t leave.” She pleaded softly
He turned back to face her. He stared into her amber eyes for a long moment before he asked his question. “Rae, do you want this? Us? Just tell me the truth. I can take it.”
She chewed on her bottom lip before she answered. “Of course I do, I’m just so scared of losing you if this doesn’t work out. Have you thought about that?”
More times than he cared to remember, he thought. He smiled. “Yes, for the last five years.”
Her breath hitched in her throat. What? Five years? How was that possible?
He pulled her closer to him. “Stop trying to add it up in your head. This wasn’t a decision made on a whim.”
“I see. I didn’t know you’d felt this way for so long. You never said anything.”
He kissed the tip of her nose. “I know, but neither did you.” He kissed her eyelids. For some reason, he couldn’t stop kissing her. Hell, he didn’t want to.
Somehow she found herself in his arms and surprisingly she didn’t want to be anywhere else but right here. Her breath caught when he continued to shower her with kisses. “Derrick” She whispered huskily
His dark eyes looked into her eyes. Suddenly, it occurred to her that he was laying his heart on the line for their relationship. That he wanted to pursue one regardless of the risks. The realization of that touched her so deeply that she pulled his head down so that his lips could meet hers. She saw the surprise in his eyes before desire replaced it. She gently touched her lips to his and instantly she felt a flame engulf her body. It wasn’t enough though. The brief kiss only made her want more. She had to get closer. She pressed her body to his and then opened her mouth beneath his and he greedily took possession of her tongue with his own. Damn, he can kiss, she thought. She found herself lost in the passion of their kiss. If they never came up for air, it wouldn’t bother her one bit. She loved his mouth, tongue, body, personality, just everything Derrick. She’d been in love with him for so long and was glad he’d realized that he had feelings for her. She moaned loudly when she felt him cupping her round backside. Slowly, he lifted her into his arms and walked them back into her house without breaking the kiss.
Derrick wasn’t sure what made Rae kiss him ,but he was glad that she did. She tasted so good and he just couldn’t get enough of her beautiful mouth. It was their first kiss and what a kiss it was. There had been other times when they had come close to kissing but never anything like this…full of passion and fire. He vaguely remembered entering the house and lying on her bed. He finally broke the kiss to look at her. He loved how her red and brown curly hair was spread out against the white sheets. She looked every bit like the angel she was. He leaned down to kiss her slowly and thoroughly.
“Rae, are you sure about this?’ He asked once he broke the kiss.
She smiled. “Having second thoughts?”
He shook his head. “No, baby, I’m not. I just want to make sure that you know we are going to make love tonight and every night after this.”
She leaned up to touch her mouth to the base of his neck. She placed a small kiss there and heard his breath catch. “I know we are, D.”
“Rae, how did you know that was my—
“How did I know that was one of your hotspots?” She proceeded to pull his sweater over his head. “I know a lot of things, Derrick. Like how you like your chest to be caressed.” She skimmed her fingernails over his chest over and over again and watched how he was slowly losing control. Then he did something she wouldn’t have expected. He reached down, opened her robe wider, then reached beneath her negligee and ripped off her thong underwear. She gasped. God, that was sexy, she thought. When he slowly slid two of his fingers inside of her vagina, she nearly screamed from the sheer pleasure of it. She bit down hard on her lip when he began rotating his fingers then sliding them back and starting all over again. Her orgasm was bubbling to the surface too quick. It had been at least two years since she’d been with a man sexually. So it was too be expected, she gathered.
She threw her head back when her body began quivering from head to toe. “Derrick!!” She screamed
He groaned. “That’s right. Come for me, baby.”
Before she could finish her first orgasm, another one slammed into her when he began lapping up her juices with his tongue. She screamed again and tried to squirm free from his hold on her hips but he just held on tighter. After a long moment of torturing her,he lifted his head and smiled at her.
“You play dirty, D.” She
He shrugged. “You started it, Rae.”
She smiled mischievously. “I suppose I did. Now take off those clothes and come here.” She hurriedly stripped off her robe and watched with utter fascination as he slowly unbuckled his belt then the button on his jeans. When both his briefs and jeans were discarded, she stared at his erection. He knew he had all that under there.
“You’re staring, baby.” He crooned
She shook her head. “I’m sorry but damn Derrick.”
He made his way toward her. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”
“You have one beautifully made body.”
“Thank you, baby.” He settled his body in between her legs. “Now you can have it all to yourself.” He slowly entered her warmth. She was so tight. He would ask her about that later. For now, he intended to give her everything she wanted. He thrust slowly inside her. He had to fight hard not to come right then and there. It had been so long for him. He’d stopped sleeping with other women about a year ago when he realized that he would never get serious with any of them because the woman he wanted was right next door to him. Her legs wrapped around his waist…pulling him in deeper. She began dipping and swerving her hips in sync with his repeated thrusts. He was sure he wouldn’t survive the end of this if she kept that up but he couldn’t tell her to stop because it felt so damn good. He thrust harder as he felt his release on the brink.
“Derrick, don’t stop, baby!” She screamed
He looked into her eyes. So many emotions were running through him. He loved her with ever fiber in his being. She had been his rock during the bad times. She had always been there for him. A true friend indeed. She’d hid her feelings for him for a long time. He knew it even if she wouldn’t say it because he had done the same thing. He lowered his head to kiss her delectable mouth as his release made him tremble. He held on tighter to her hips and he felt her come right along with him. She clawed at his back as he kept kissing her. Finally, he let them up for air.
He couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to tell her. “I love you, Raquel.” He made sure he looked in her eyes when he said it. She didn’t say anything but the look in her eyes told him that she loved him too. He pulled her on top of him and wrapped his arms around her. Even if she couldn’t tell him it was okay, but he would make sure that she did eventually.
The next morning, Derrick woke up to someone kissing his chest. He groaned and tried to get back to sleep but the person was insistent. She placed a kiss on his lips and he felt himself kissing her back.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Rae said once she broke the kiss
He opened his eyes and smiled. Rae. Last night’s events tumbled back into his mind. She looked so adorable with her hair all over her head. “Good morning, sweetie. How long have I been out?”
“It’s barely eight o’clock.”
He groaned. “Rae, please just let me go back to sleep. It’s too early.”
She laughed. She knew he wasn’t a morning person which is the reason she’d purposely awakened him. She rubbed her body against his. “You won’t even wake up for me?”
He popped open an eye. “I might reconsider for you.”
She laughed again. “Thanks, I think.”
He cupped her cheek. “I love seeing you smile, baby.”
She leaned into his hand. “About what you said last night–”
“You don’t have to say anything if you don’t feel the same way, Rae. Really—
She placed a finger over his mouth. “Would you shut up? I’m trying to say something here.”
“Sorry” He mumbled
She took a deep breath. “Derrick, you have been my friend for a long time, eight years to be exact and I’ve been in love with you just as long. I’ve never said anything because I didn’t want to screw up our friendship. Now that things have changed, I can finally tell you what I’ve always wanted to scream out loud. I love you too, Derrick James Whitfield. There is no other person I would rather love than you.”
He leaned up to kiss her deeply. His heart swelled at her words. She loved him. He knew it but hearing her say the words gave him so much joy. “I love you too, Raquel Simone Williams.”
She scrunched her nose. “You know I can’t stand my middle name.”
He laughed. “I know but since you named mines, it’s only fair that I name yours.”
She rolled her eyes. “Fine, whatever. Do you want some breakfast?”
He kissed her neck. “The only breakfast I want right now is you.”
She squealed as he tumbled her over. “I suppose I could make an exception.” Registered & Protected