More Than Just Friends (Part 3)

The next day, Rae awakened in Derrick’s arms, where she loved to be at all times. She looked around and noticed they weren’t inside his house. They’d fallen asleep on the swing on the patio. She looked at Derrick snoring softly then nuzzled his neck with her lips. He groaned and tightened his hold on her waist. He didn’t open his eyes to look at her so she licked a trail down his Adam’s apple to the area between his shoulder blade and neck. His grip on her waist didn’t loosen. She looked up to find a pair of gorgeous dark eyes filled with desire looking at her…Finally, she’d gotten his attention. He pulled her closer…inches from her lips he flicked his tongue across her full bottom lip then he drew it into his mouth and suckled it. She whimpered…helpless to stop this invasion on her mouth…one she happily welcomed. He covered her mouth with his own and slowly made love to her tongue. His tongue swept across hers so slowly that she thought she might combust at any moment. She shivered when he began toying with her nipples through her shirt. He broke the kiss and lowered his head to her breasts. She moaned when his lips covered a nipple through her shirt. He pulled the fabric of the shirt down along with one side of her bra and began to suck on her nipple. The contact caused her to squirm closer to him. She threw her head back when he lightly teased her nipple with his teeth.
Derrick!” She gasped, forgetting that they were outside on his patio.
He made a noise in the back of his throat then lifted his head. “What baby?” He said huskily
She shook her head to try to clear her head. “Don’t forget we are outside. Let’s go in.”
“Rae, our nearest neighbor is a mile away. No one is going to hear or see us sweetheart.”
She bit down on her lip. “But-
He lifted his hand to caress her cheek. “Trust me.” He watched as she nodded her approval. He was just about to strip off her shirt when he heard someone clear their throat behind them. He felt Rae jerk and he tightened his hold on her so she wouldn’t move. He pulled up her shirt and bra and turned to see who had interrupted their time together. Shit. His mom.
He cleared his throat. “Hey Ma.”
Addison fought to keep from smiling at the odd predicament her son and Raquel were in. Well now, I see why he has been preoccupied, she mused. “Hi, son. Should I come back later?” She teased.
Hell yeah, he wanted to say but held his tongue. He would never be disrespectful to her. He tried to remember the reason his mother was here. Oh right. He’d offered to take her to the market. Damn, now he wished he hadn’t. “No.” He said between clenched teeth
“Good Morning, Mrs. Whitfield.” Rae said.
“Hi Rae.” Addison replied
“Derrick, baby, I will see you later.” Rae said and placed a kiss on his cheek. She rose to go home and left them alone.
“Ma, you have perfect timing.” He said, sarcasm lacing his voice.
She shrugged, as if his tone didn’t matter. “Dear, it’s not my fault you and Rae were out in broad daylight about to do the nasty.”
His eyes widened for a moment, and then he chuckled. Only his mother. “Ma, you are the only mom I know who says ‘the nasty’.”
She laughed and hugged him. “I’m glad to see you happy, son. Sorry I intruded. You didn’t answer the front door or your phone so I came around back.”
“It’s alright, I suppose.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that you and Rae were together?” She inquired
He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t told her or his family. Maybe because things were still new between them. “I guess I just didn’t want to jinx things between us. She is already afraid things won’t work out between us. Just trying to move as slow as possible.”
“You’ve loved her for a long time.” It was a statement rather than a question. She’d always known that her son had fallen hard for his best friend even when he couldn’t see it.
His gaze narrowed. “You knew? How?”
She smiled. “A mother knows everything, dear. I noticed the looks you would give each other, how you just had to see each other every day, and when you two were apart you were a grump. No one wanted to be around you when Rae was gone for an extended period of time.”
He remembered and still don’t want to be apart from her. “I remember.”
She sighed. “So, when’s the wedding?”
He abruptly turned his head to look at his mother. “What?!”
She studied her eldest son. She’d always known that Derrick would be the last to get married. He liked to take his time with things and plan them thoroughly. Sometimes it could be frustrating and at times useful but now was not the time to plan to the last detail. She arched a brow. “You are planning to marry her aren’t you?”
He’d thought about it numerous times but they’d just gotten together. He knew Rae wasn’t ready and he wasn’t prepared to rush her. “At some point, yes, but not right now.”
Addison cupped his chin. “When are you going to learn to stop thinking with that head of yours and use your heart? Do you honestly think she is going to say no to you?”
He sighed. “Ma, I don’t want to lose her by moving too fast.”
She huffed. “If you ask me, you guys have taken up enough time already. Eight years is a long time to be in love with someone and not tell them. Just remember to follow your heart. It won’t steer you wrong. I’m going to drive myself to the market. I see you and Rae have unfinished business that you need to take care of.”
“Ma, I said that I would take you and I’m going to do just that.”
She shook her head. “I’m capable of taking myself, Derrick. Now go see about your woman. Let me know when she says yes to your proposal. I will call you later.” She turned to walk back the way she came.
“I love you, Ma.”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t forget to bring your girlfriend to your dad’s birthday party next weekend. We will see you then.” She said and rounded the corner of the house.
He watched as his mother backed out of his driveway. Once she was out of sight, he went next door to Rae’s. He stopped when he realized her car was gone. She’s probably gone running,he thought. He went inside his house to give her call. Her phone rang three times and went to voice mail. Odd, she always use to pick up, he thought. Get a grip, Derrick. He went into his office to get some work done. He still had a couple of spreadsheets he had to complete for the accounting firm he worked for.
Derrick looked at up the clock on the wall and realized nearly three hours had passed. Rae still hadn’t called him back. What the hell? He was starting to get worried about her. He picked up his Blackberry to try her again, when he heard a car pull up in his driveway. He walked out onto his porch and saw Rae outside by her car. He let out a breath that he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He was glad she was alright but he had the overwhelming urge to yell at her for making him worry about her.
“Derrick, please don’t be mad. I know you called and I’m sorry I didn’t return the call.” She pleaded softly
Her voice was making the tension ease out of his shoulders. “Rae, where have you been? I was getting worried.” He didn’t recognize his own voice. Normally, he would have flown off the handle by now but he just couldn’t do it. Not to his Rae. His baby. His sweetie. His soon to be wife…The realization that he wanted forever with her shook him a little. With Rae, he was vulnerable and so wide open you could snap a finger in front of his face and it wouldn’t matter. She was the only woman he had eyes for.
“I went running and then to the gym afterwards. A girl’s gotta stay in shape you know.” She winked at him.
He struggled to keep a smile off his face. “Trust me when I say, there is nothing wrong with your shape, baby.”
Her face flushed and her breath caught. Heat spread throughout her entire body, particularly in one area that was getting soaked by the minute. “Is that so?” She asked once she could catch her breath.
He walked closer to her, hating the space between them. When he reached her, he tilted her chin so that she could look directly into his eyes. “Yes, that’s right. I love your full shapely hips and round behind.” He squeezed her derriere gently, if she didn’t fully understand what he meant. He was pretty sure she did though. He lowered his head and skimmed kisses down her neck. “I missed you, Raquel.”
She moaned when he began to tease her inner thigh. “I missed you too, Derrick. Are you still upset with me?”
“No, baby. Just pick up next time, okay?”
“Okay.” She whispered before his mouth covered hers. He kissed her so deeply and passionately that her legs began to quiver. Just when she thought she might fall, he lifted her into his arms and she hooked her legs around his waist as he continued to ravish her mouth. Somehow they stumbled into his house but didn’t quite make it to the bedroom. He placed her on her feet and stripped off her shirt along with her sports bra. She stripped him of his clothes at the same time he stripped hers off. The bedroom would just have to wait. She took a moment to drink in the sight of his washboard stomach and strong arms. Damn, he is so sexy and mines for the taking. She was silly for being embarrassed earlier. Who wouldn’t want him? She pondered
“Rae, come here, baby.” He crooked his finger at her
She sauntered over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She kissed him deeply and he moaned when she suckled on his lower lip. Her hand trailed down to his engorged muscle and he inhaled sharply. She began to stroke him then squeeze gently. She repeated it over and over again.
“Rae!” He cried out hoarsely. God, she is driving me insane. He knew that soon he would come but he wanted to be inside her when he did. He wanted to brand her as his and no one else’s woman. He wasn’t sure where this possessiveness came from but it was a powerful emotion that bubbled to the surface. He immediately removed her hand before she pushed him over the edge and picked her up. He backed her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He looked into her eyes as he filled her to the hilt. Her eyes widened for a moment but then she relaxed as her eyes glazed over with desire for him. He began to thrust in and out of her warmth slowly. She clenched her inner walls and he had to bite down on his lip to hold on to what little control he had left. She began to kiss him, thrusting her tongue in the same rhythm that they were moving in. When she began sucking his tongue, his body jerked and went over the edge and released his seed into her. He thrust into her a few more times and she climaxed. Panting, they slid to the floor. He pulled her to him so she could sit between his legs.
“I love you, Raquel.” He whispered against her hair
She tilted her head back to look at him. “Hmmm, yeah because I gave you some booty.” She teased
He chuckled and pinched her nose gently. “Please, I loved you before you gave up the booty.”
She smiled. “I know. I love you too, Derrick.”
“You’d better because we are going to be together for a very long time.”
Her mouth fell open a little. He couldn’t mean marriage. Could he? She wondered. “Wh- What do you mean?” She stammered
He almost laughed at the shocked expression on her face. “You will see very soon. For now, let’s enjoy each other.” He stood and carried her to his bedroom.