Xyla Turner’s Upcoming Release “Under Further Review”

rw19Xyla Turner’s new novel, Under Further Review, will be making it’s debut on April 15, 2016. Take a look at what the book is about as well as the excerpt. Looks like a very interesting read to me!


Under Further Review is a contemporary, standalone, sports romance.
Shane Sinclair, a professional football player who does not like, entertain or talk to reporters, even when he is mandated to appear for the press conferences. Shane has his reasons for his stance, which strengthens when a reporter blurts out that his father had passed, and he was not informed yet. The only reporter that gave their condolences was one of the lone female sports reporter, Diamond Reeves. Although, Shane kept his stance about the story-hungry reporters, Ms. Reeves wiggled her way through his defenses and Shane finds that he needs to maneuver past hers so that their odd friendship can go to the next level. Shane’s ex-fiancé does not take the break up easily and sets out to cause havoc for the new couple and herself.


The regular season had started and Shane was back to his normal routine. He looked good, felt good and was playing good all pre-season. The new running back, that was there to replace him, was able to get some play time as well, which did not hinder any of Shane’s statistics. He found that when he was rested up, he could exert more energy. The press room was buzzing and lately asking more “Shane” questions to Matthew. To the point when Matthew said to him, “I wish you would stop being Switzerland. Can you at least talk to them in Morse code?”

Shane erupted in laughter at Matt’s comments, but finally responded with, “Man, I just can’t do it. I thought about it long and hard, but I just can’t. They are like vultures.”

Matt looked at him and said, “I think you didn’t take heed to my warning early on and got burnt, yet never got over it.” He patted Shane on the chest and said, “Some things you got to let go.”

Matt and Shane did not really have the heart to heart conversations, but he respected the guy as a leader and veteran of the sport. He also understood what he meant, to the point where he actually thought about how to rectify his hate-hate relationship with the media.

After their first home game, Shane, Matt and Raymond, the new running back, were at the center table on stage. They all immediately started asking questions, so Matt, being the leader he was, calls on one reporter who had a question for Raymond. Shane spotted the lady reporter that rebuffed him at the bar, he bent over to Matt and said, “Call on the lady reporter in the red shirt.”

Matt looks at him and gives him a knowing smile. Shane shook his head and waved him off. When Raymond finished answering, Matt pointed to the lady and said, “You in the red.”

Her hand was raised, but not in a way that looked like she wanted to be called on. Shane briefly thought, maybe she was right about not being good at the job. When Matt called on her, she looked surprised and caught off guard. She quickly recovered and announced, “Hi, um. I’m Diamond Reeves from WUSA. My question is, what do you guys do for fun besides these awesome press conferences?”

People laughed and even Shane smiled at her wit. He made a note that he liked that. When the room died down, Raymond answered first with, “I sail. It relieves stress for me.”

Matt said, “I hang out with my wife and kids.”

Nobody seemed to think Shane would answer, so when he slid the mic from in front of Matthew, the whole room seemed to turn and face him. Cameras and extended microphones included. They never even gave him his own microphone anymore.

“In my spare time, I work with a few charities and work on my Spanish. But what’s your real question?” Shane asked her, as she stood with her mouth wide open along with the rest of the room.

He thought the question would be a general question for everyone, so he slid the microphone back in front of Matt.

Again, she recovered and said, “Well, Mr. Sinclair, since you asked. I know you and Austin Daniels from the Falcons are good friends, but after that move you put on him.” She shook her head. “You peeped the blitz and ran right past him. You, Matt, saw the opening, passed the ball to Shane for a touchdown, then y’all had the nerve to go for the two-point play and Raymond gets the touchdown. How the hell do you remain friends? I wouldn’t be your friend anymore. Showing me up like that.”

The entire room erupted in laughter at what Shane thought was her cuteness, keen expertise of the game or just her wittiness. Shane even laughed and moved the microphone back in front of him and answered. “That’s funny. Well, to answer your question. Despite this being called a game of football, it’s still a business. And these,” he gestured to his other teammates, “are my business partners, so even though we may not always align, agree and have to run each other over, at the end of the day. We know it’s our job to do so. That’s why we push each other on a daily basis. Austin is a longtime friend and he understands the job very well. So, while it’s a game to you guys, this is our business.”

Diamond smiled at Shane, then nodded her head in approval, agreement or just acknowledgment. Shane couldn’t tell, but he nodded back. No sooner than his head came back up, the other reporters started to fire more questions at Shane. To address all of their questions, he moved the microphone back in front of Matt.

He was done.

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Give Em Somethin’ New Sunday

Just a little something I’m working on. Feedback is welcomed.

“Get the fuck off me, Deron,” I said calmly as I inched back from his hot, halitosis breath. He could have at least brushed his teeth before he got all up in my space. Acting like he was about to hit me when he wasn’t gonna do shit. I really don’t know what I saw in him. Deron and I met at a house party that my girl, Rayne was throwing for her boo. Maybe at one time I loved him. Maybe not. I don’t know. I just don’t feel the same way about him anymore. You would think that I would be saying this six months down the line, but we had only been together for three months. We were suppose to still be in the cupcake phase, right? Wrong. I guess reality hit me smack in the ass.

Maybe it started when I let him move in with me. He’d lost his job not long after he’d met me and being the sucker that I am, I let him talk me into it. I should’ve known something was up then. Not long after he moved in with me, he started leaving his shit everywhere. Like I was supposed to pick up after him? I was not his mama and I let that be known from jump street. When I’d approached him about it, he had the nerve to tell me I was nagging. Say what? Hell to the no. Once those words dropped from his lips, I told him to leave. His attitude changed real quick once he realized I wasn’t joking. Next thing I know, he was begging for forgiveness telling me that he needed me. Yeah, he needed me to fund his broke ass. The thing that I like about Deron is that he can charm his way into and out of anything. Ironically, that is what I hate about him too.

“Yo Jalece, you need to chill with all that nagging shit. I’m getting tired of ya mouth.”
“Well, if you’re so fucking tired of MY mouth, then get the FUCK OUT Deron! You ain’t doing shit no way but eating up MY food, using the electricity I pay for, shittin in MY toilet, and sleeping in MY bed. Mine, motherfucker. Not yours,” I screamed. I was beyond mad at this point. I cringed on the inside when he moved closer. Now we were nose to nose. Halitosis breath versus Minty breath. I wish this nigga would hit me. I got my blade right there in my nightstand. I won’t hesitate to stab him repeatedly.
“FUCK YOU, bitch! I don’t know why I even fool with ya dumb ass.”
Dumb? Oh, hell no. At this point, I’m sure he could see steam coming out from my ears, but I shall digress. He isn’t worth me even talking to anymore. “You know where the door is.” I watched as his jawbone jumped repeatedly and for a second I thought he was going to hit me just for the hell of it. But surprisingly, he put space between us. We stared each other down for a minute or two, and then he finally went to the closet to get his stuff. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I didn’t let my guard down. I quickly ran over to my night stand, pulled out my ten inch blade, and stuffed it into my back jean pocket. I grabbed my cell phone and keys and fast walked my ass out of my bedroom. While pulling on my sneakers, I continuously watched over my shoulder. He wasn’t about to catch me off guard and if I needed to I could make a clean get away. Finally he emerged from the bedroom with his huge duffel bag. If looks could kill, I’d be dead right now. Motherfucker, had the nerve to be mad at me? Bullshit. He made his way to the door and I followed a few feet behind him. I wasn’t stupid enough to get close to him. Once he walked out the door, I quickly grabbed the door knob to shut it. Before I could close it all the way, he forcefully pushed it back open, knocking me to the floor.

“You fucking bitch! How you just gon play me like that? All a nigga did was love yo controlling ass,” he screamed as he grabbed me by my throat and lifted me from the floor. I coughed and gasped for air as he cut off my circulation. I was quickly losing consciousness. I had to do something. If I could just get to my blade…
I kicked my legs wildly until finally one connected with his dick. He dropped to his knees and thus dropping me by loosening his grip from my neck. I coughed violently and reached for my blade from my back pocket.

“I want you to touch me again, motherfucker.” I said once I could talk again. I lifted the blade high.
“Bitch, you ain’t gon do shit,” he taunted
“Oh yeah? Well, bring your sorry ass over here then since you don’t believe me.”

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Sereniti: The Takeover (THE SERENITI SERIES): Dama Cargle,Tina Sherri Nance: Amazon.com: Books.

Have you ever been in love so deeply that you love someone more than yourself? Well meet Sereniti Garcia, a beautiful bombshell who has loved her boyfriend Dwayne ‘Nice’ Richard ‘literally’ more than life itself. For 2 years, Sereniti and Dwayne had the perfect storybook relationship until he became KING. Then came the money, cars, and clothes and yes the hoes. What do you do when your love isn’t enough?
A trip to Miami for Memorial Day weekend with her best friend Brooklyn, was supposed to be a getaway from all the drama Nice brings. What it turns out to be is a nightmare, resulting in Sereniti catching a couple of bodies. Sereniti is torn, her mind is saying run, but her heart won’t let her leave.

Kingston is a sexy Jamaican who has a past so deadly, ice runs though his veins. One look at Sereniti, and Kingston is smitten. He falls hard and has no intention of giving her up. The City of Tallahassee has been Nice’s playground and has made him millions, but what will the KING do when his throne is threatened? Find out in this game of deceit, lies, betrayal and secrets. Who will claim and protect the QUEEN? And who will in the end, occupy the throne? This game of chess played out in the Florida streets will keep you on the edge of your seat in breathless anticipation of the next move.


I feel like I'm losing
Like I don't know who I am anymore
Like I can't get a grip on my own reality.
It's like I'm stuck
between joy and
This in between existence
that is slowly choking
the life out of me
As much as I try
to push it behind
It's always there waiting for the
opportunity to engulf
my entire being.
I wish somebody,
anybody could hear
my cry of despair
and anguish.
Too bad they can't
Their too self-absorbed
in their own lives & routines.
To ever notice the pain I'm in.
So, I cry deep inside
Praying for someone to see through 
my tough exterior.


English: A variety of laptops, smartphones, ta...

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17 days!!! 17 days until Yours Truly is available for your reading pleasure. It’s ironic, how  times flies. I remember just announcing this two months ago & now it’s COUNTDOWN time. I really hope you guys enjoy it! It will be available on Kindle and Nook. Pray for me that I don’t panic to death over these last two weeks. Thanks in advance for your support!



I wish I knew how
to handle this
These thoughts are
climbing through my
mind. Trying to
break through & be
set free to cause
destruction, confusion,
and mayhem.
I say a silent prayer
to God to not let
these things be.
I’m not this person
I can’t be…
Can I?

I cry out in anguish
as wave after wave
of my thoughts cause
visions to appear before
my eyes.
I thrash &writhe
on the bed as the visions
keep a stronghold on
my soul
“God, please help me!” I scream
Suddenly, there is a stillness
in the room.
Peace envelopes my aching soul
and the visions disappear.
the dark thoughts leave me.
I hear a faint whisper “You’re
my child, and this shall not be. Sleep
my child. I won’t be far away.”
Serenity envelopes my heart
as my eyelids lower, I thank God
for giving me peace at last.

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