Your lips touch mine
and I find it hard to breathe.
I suck in a lungful of air but it does nothing
to tame my desire for you.

You drink from my mouth greedily
and I hold on tightly
Hoping that this fire between us
doesn’t consume me.

I love how your passion
embraces me. Like a tidal
wave, it knocks me over

and floods every part of me.

Oh, let me count the ways of your gentle

strokes across my skin and your tender

caresses on my body. I’m slowly drowning

in a sea of ecstasy…No need to save me.

I will happily drown as long as you

 are right here next to me. Registered & Protected


Which E-reader Do You Prefer?


Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

There was a point in time, when actual paperback and hardback books were very popular. But in this day and age, e-books have paved the way into its own technology. I, personally, can’t get enough of e-books. Although, I still do desire a paperback or hardback every now and again. The reason I ask which e-reader you prefer is because soon I will be publishing my novel and its good to know or have an idea of what people like. So, if you can take the time to take this poll & if you desire, tell me your reason for liking that preferred e-reader. Thanks in advance.