Xyla Turner’s Upcoming Release “Under Further Review”

rw19Xyla Turner’s new novel, Under Further Review, will be making it’s debut on April 15, 2016. Take a look at what the book is about as well as the excerpt. Looks like a very interesting read to me!


Under Further Review is a contemporary, standalone, sports romance.
Shane Sinclair, a professional football player who does not like, entertain or talk to reporters, even when he is mandated to appear for the press conferences. Shane has his reasons for his stance, which strengthens when a reporter blurts out that his father had passed, and he was not informed yet. The only reporter that gave their condolences was one of the lone female sports reporter, Diamond Reeves. Although, Shane kept his stance about the story-hungry reporters, Ms. Reeves wiggled her way through his defenses and Shane finds that he needs to maneuver past hers so that their odd friendship can go to the next level. Shane’s ex-fiancé does not take the break up easily and sets out to cause havoc for the new couple and herself.


The regular season had started and Shane was back to his normal routine. He looked good, felt good and was playing good all pre-season. The new running back, that was there to replace him, was able to get some play time as well, which did not hinder any of Shane’s statistics. He found that when he was rested up, he could exert more energy. The press room was buzzing and lately asking more “Shane” questions to Matthew. To the point when Matthew said to him, “I wish you would stop being Switzerland. Can you at least talk to them in Morse code?”

Shane erupted in laughter at Matt’s comments, but finally responded with, “Man, I just can’t do it. I thought about it long and hard, but I just can’t. They are like vultures.”

Matt looked at him and said, “I think you didn’t take heed to my warning early on and got burnt, yet never got over it.” He patted Shane on the chest and said, “Some things you got to let go.”

Matt and Shane did not really have the heart to heart conversations, but he respected the guy as a leader and veteran of the sport. He also understood what he meant, to the point where he actually thought about how to rectify his hate-hate relationship with the media.

After their first home game, Shane, Matt and Raymond, the new running back, were at the center table on stage. They all immediately started asking questions, so Matt, being the leader he was, calls on one reporter who had a question for Raymond. Shane spotted the lady reporter that rebuffed him at the bar, he bent over to Matt and said, “Call on the lady reporter in the red shirt.”

Matt looks at him and gives him a knowing smile. Shane shook his head and waved him off. When Raymond finished answering, Matt pointed to the lady and said, “You in the red.”

Her hand was raised, but not in a way that looked like she wanted to be called on. Shane briefly thought, maybe she was right about not being good at the job. When Matt called on her, she looked surprised and caught off guard. She quickly recovered and announced, “Hi, um. I’m Diamond Reeves from WUSA. My question is, what do you guys do for fun besides these awesome press conferences?”

People laughed and even Shane smiled at her wit. He made a note that he liked that. When the room died down, Raymond answered first with, “I sail. It relieves stress for me.”

Matt said, “I hang out with my wife and kids.”

Nobody seemed to think Shane would answer, so when he slid the mic from in front of Matthew, the whole room seemed to turn and face him. Cameras and extended microphones included. They never even gave him his own microphone anymore.

“In my spare time, I work with a few charities and work on my Spanish. But what’s your real question?” Shane asked her, as she stood with her mouth wide open along with the rest of the room.

He thought the question would be a general question for everyone, so he slid the microphone back in front of Matt.

Again, she recovered and said, “Well, Mr. Sinclair, since you asked. I know you and Austin Daniels from the Falcons are good friends, but after that move you put on him.” She shook her head. “You peeped the blitz and ran right past him. You, Matt, saw the opening, passed the ball to Shane for a touchdown, then y’all had the nerve to go for the two-point play and Raymond gets the touchdown. How the hell do you remain friends? I wouldn’t be your friend anymore. Showing me up like that.”

The entire room erupted in laughter at what Shane thought was her cuteness, keen expertise of the game or just her wittiness. Shane even laughed and moved the microphone back in front of him and answered. “That’s funny. Well, to answer your question. Despite this being called a game of football, it’s still a business. And these,” he gestured to his other teammates, “are my business partners, so even though we may not always align, agree and have to run each other over, at the end of the day. We know it’s our job to do so. That’s why we push each other on a daily basis. Austin is a longtime friend and he understands the job very well. So, while it’s a game to you guys, this is our business.”

Diamond smiled at Shane, then nodded her head in approval, agreement or just acknowledgment. Shane couldn’t tell, but he nodded back. No sooner than his head came back up, the other reporters started to fire more questions at Shane. To address all of their questions, he moved the microphone back in front of Matt.

He was done.

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My review of Pleasure Principle by Brenda Stokes Lee


I always enjoy a good Brenda Stokes Lee novel. She has a way of telling her stories that have you thinking about them long after your done reading. Her novels are full of drama, romance, erotica, and comical wit. Each character leaves a lasting impression, and she does not disappoint in
Pleasure Principle.

This novel focuses on Teddy Bear Davine. Did I mention that the Teddy Bear is fine as all get out? Yes indeed! He was first introduced with the All Mye Queen’s Men series as a whore because of his promiscuous ways with women. However, in this story, he seems to have matured some and is actually considering settling down. Thus, his boys have talked him into doing a reality tv show with VH1 to find his wife. Needless to say this is quite an interesting journey as he has to choose between six different women. Another thing that I loved is that Teddy shows his more sensitive side. Ladies can’t help to fall in love with the infamous Teddy. And who he picks as his wife will no doubt be a surprise to you. I know it was to me. There were some grammatical errors in the story but it did not keep me from reading it. As an author, I understand that sometimes some things will be missed. Overall a 5 star read!

Pleasure Principle

My review of Forbidden Fruit 2: A New Seed by Nika Michelle

Nika Michelle does it again! I have been eagerly anticipating this sequel and I was not disappointed. Talk about drama?? The book is filled with it from beginning to end..Twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. The storyline was easy to follow as it immediately picks up from the 1st book.

In regards to the characters, it was good to see how Ayanna, Princess, and Amaya had evolved into women. Even though they still had some of their old habits back in the A, I felt like they had matured some over the last five years. Oh & the unexpected arrival of who shall remain nameless at this point will have you reeling. Overall, 5 STARS!! Looking forward to the next installment.

Forbidden Fruit 2: A New Seed


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What happens when Mr. Right isn’t exactly Mr. Right?

What happens when he’s not all you thought he would be?

Do you give up?

Throw in the towel? Or just work with what you have?

Do you go in search of someone else that can meet your expectations?

What if he just pretends that he’s all you want him to be?

Then one day you wake up and see that you really do not know him

just what he wanted you to see.

Then you go back after Mr. Almost Right but it’s too late because

he’s got his Mrs. Right.

So was it really worth it to go searching for something that you

already had but just didn’t really recognize it because you were too

focused on what he didn’t have?



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Looking into your eyes
I feel you see right
through my FACADE
of bitterness and loneliness.

You dig deep to the innermost
parts of ME
To the woman who
begs to be loved
without conditions.

I long to show you
the real ME but I’m afraid.
Afraid you will disappoint ME.
Afraid you will make ME regret
opening my heart to you.

My whole being desires to be YOURS,
To be filled with every part of you.
But how can I let YOU in, when my mind
is at war with my heart?

How can I let you love ME,
when I’m afraid you’ll shatter ME?
Then who will be there to pick up the pieces of ME….

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When I first started this blog, I was just starting my writing venture. I had written a few novels and was mainly trying to get my name out there. Now a year and a half later, I’m actually putting out my first novel on December 25th!! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m hoping Yours Truly (that’s the name of the book) will be a hit! I don’t expect to be an award-winning author over night. Is it wrong to secretly want that? I’m not sure. If I don’t get there, well it’s all good. At least I know that I tried. Some people can’t even say that. So, I count my blessings. I said all that to say be on the lookout for it. I’m going to post on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and B & N’s Nook. Not sure about the price yet, but I will figure it out. Also stay tuned for a book giveaway!!! Thanks to all that helped me along the journey. You’re not forgotten. 🙂